Presence doesn’t need healing
It never did and never will
The voice that wants HEALING
Is a voice that’s not real

BEyond all the voices
Is where PRESENCE lies
Beyond all the images
Before your eyes

Healing is really
When you notice your attention
Is in need of REDIRECTION

In Presence your BODY
May cry in RELIEF
You were never alone
Just beyond your belief

So rest in your Presence
And you will SEE
Your Presence reflected
In the eyes of HUMANITY

What is it this moment
That you see?
Just mayBE your PRESENCE
Is the remedy…

©️The Bendy Witch

Take Off Your Mask

How can someone Love you
If you won’t show your true face

How can someone Love you
If you think you’re a disgrace

How can someone Love you
If Loves labelled wrong or right

How can someone Love you
If you’re always hiding your own light

How can someone Love you
If you will not receive

How can someone Love you
When it’s yourself that you deceive

How can someone Love you
If you push Love far away

How can someone Love you
If you don’t know who you are today

How can someone Love you
If Loves labelled right or wrong

How can someone Love you
If you’re singing someone else’s song

How can someone Love you
When Your Loves behind a mask

How can someone Love you
Until you start to ask

Who is this “me” that wants Love?
Who AM I really?

Then listen within your Heart
Not to those who love you dearly

For how can they know you
When you don’t even know yourSelf

Take off your mask today
And leave it on the shelf

How can someone not Love you
When you are Love itself

©The Bendy Witch


The Heart Is Our cOMpass

In Sanskrit, “Anahata”, the name given the Heart chakra (energy centre), translates to the words unstruck, unhurt and unbeaten.

We often think and feel our Heart is broken but whenever we experience suffering in this way it has nothing really to do with the energy of our Heart, for only Love can pour through it, but more to do with our ego’s expectations that were not fulfilled. The pain we experience is actually the illusion shattering.

When the Heart is obscured by fear and the false desires of the ego, it appears to be shut down. We appear to be disconnected from our Source Of Unconditional Love in this life…our SOUL. This is never the case and is not actually possible.

The Heart is our cOMpass and gateway to Love. When Love and Wisdom are married we are capable of great Compassion. When we feel disconnected from Love, all that has occurred is that the interference of the 100,000 thoughts that pass through our mind has turned our needle (our attention) outwards when really it should be pointing in. When our attention is focused and pointing inwards we touch the untouchable, the unshakeable…that which is unstruck, unhurt, unbeaten by whatever is occurring on the outside.

Where is your compass pointing today?

Have you accidentally tuned out, switched channels?

Maybe you hadn’t even realized the switch occurred?

Maybe you don’t know where in is anymore?

Maybe the interference seems so great you cannot see beyond it or even comprehend a life that involves less suffering?

Yoga and Meditation can start you on the journey inwards, the path of return, back to your true nature which is always Loving, Compassionate and Connected. All the rest is just interference, it’s not real although it can appear so.

Our practice helps us unravel the ego’s lies, unties the knots that bind us, helps us to let go of the pain we grip on to mentally, physically and emotionally. We learn to forgive and in doing so remove the obstacles that block our Heart.

We don’t need to protect our Heart.

After all according to the Yogi’s its essence cannot be hurt.

Maybe we’ve got it all upside down, back to front?

Maybe our compass just needs recalibrating to point inwards so we can again learn to Trust with our Heart?

Just maybe it’s our Heart that keeps us anchored and protects us and shows us what’s real and what’s not?

When our Heart is open, Love flows forth. We learn to speak our Truth with Love (even if it is uncomfortable for the ego!) and practice holding on to nothing. We learn to give and receive in balance. By nourishing ourSelf and turning our gaze inwards towards Love, we allow Love to pour forth. We BEcOMe fonts of Love and the search for Love is finally over.

Here, as we rest deep in our Hearts, we know without doubt we are worthy of Love because we are Love and we literally start to see through a different lens. This lens isn’t just painted rose-coloured by the ego but is pristine and crystal clear, reflecting perfectly the blossoming rose of Love in the centre of the Heart, the blossoming of our Being.

Listen to your Heart and let it guide you towards a brighter, clearer day. See what happens if you Let Love Rule!


On Sunday 7th May I’ll be holding a Retreat Day at The Granary Yoga Studio in Brogborough, Bedfordshire. We’ll be playing with our cOMpass, looking at what blocks our Heart, recalibrating and releasing through Yoga, Meditation and the gentle art of Blessing. We also have a wonderful guest, Kanti Freeman, whole will guide our Hearts to fullness through a Sacred Sound Journey, with crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and other most wonderful instruments!

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Live Your Life In Full Colour

We all have those days when we feel a little jaded. It’s like someone turned the light off…
Even on the brightest of days there’s just an air of dullness in one’s vision. Noticing this is a good indication that we’ve been too much in our head and not enough in our Heart.

When we are overly focused on thoughts, they become like clouds, blocking out the Sun. When we are overly focused on dreams, which may well appear beautiful and colourful, we remain in our head and we are living in our imagination, not in the world.

Dreaming is good when we are “living the dream”, providing that our dreams are inspired by real Love and not illusions of Love and fear. Fear is a vampire. It drains all the colour out of our life and sucks dry the Joy from our experience Now.

We need to allow the imaginings of our Heart to rise up, to allow what is inside to manifest on the outside. Positive visualization is helpful… providing it is not just a mask for fear. Knowing what we want is helpful… providing we know who we really are. Thinking we know what we want is not helpful and often leads us astray and leaves us empty.

So how do we know the difference?
We learn to listen to the Truth in our Heart.
We learn to speak with Integrity, with Truth, with Heart.

This is why Meditation is so beneficial; it helps our vision to become clear, it helps us to see, hear, feel, touch and taste more vividly. We give up our senses and they get enlivened. We do not need to deny them, unless we wish to deny this life…

The Heart is like a prism for the light of Consciousness. Polish away all the fear, rest in your Heart and you shine like a diamond, are as strong as a diamond, and as the light of Consciousness refracts through your Heart, your own personal light signature, your SOUL, your Source Of Unconditional Love, is revealed! This is your original personality, your own unique flavor in this life, the colours of light that really make up “You”. This is the real You beyond your ego, beyond thought, beyond beliefs, beyond concepts. You will only find yourSelf in your Heart.

I notice a lot of people worry (a form of fear if you haven’t yet made the connection!), that when they start to Meditate, if they if they give up what they “think” they are that there will be nothing left. They will be an empty shell, void of nothing, they’ll be limp like a soggy lettuce, wussy, more easily manipulated! If you are having this experience it is highly likely that your Heart is still locked up tight, you are not trusting it, you are not resting in it and you are being driven by fear.

When you are resting in your Heart you will happily float in a sea of darkness and emptiness and you will experience this sea as Love… but not, I might add, what you currently “think” of as Love. To experience this, let go into the beyond, so you can truly experience Love in your own Heart, the Love that is always there, even beyond the beating of your physical Heart.

To the ego this scary…It needs to surrender to something bigger, something it cannot understand… In order to surrender it needs to Trust and Trust is not the egos’ forte! Most egos’ don’t trust in love, yet they’ve never known real Love in the first place, only ideas of it that repeatedly got broken. Egos’ thinks Hearts’ get shattered into pieces; Egos’ are constantly trying to protect their Hearts’ or piece them back together! But the Love of the Heart is stronger than a diamond, it cannot be broken.
It is only ever illusions of Love that get broken.

So how do we make that shift?
We begin…
Many times…

In Truth, to rest in your Heart takes but an instant, yet it is a moment we return to again and again. We walk the Path of Return that leads us back to our Heart, back to our true home in this life, to the place where the light of our consciousness enters, and where it leaves.

We intend and begin to live from this place, again… and again… and again.

We practice letting go of fear, again… and again… and again…

We practice letting go of what we think Love is, again… and again… and again.

We practice being Innocent with Love. We practice being Innocent with ourSelf and others.

In choosing Innocence we can turn a grey day into a Masterpiece. When we choose Innocence by letting go of all we think we know about any moment, any person, any place, any thing, our Heart becomes the palette that Consciousness paints life with. We are a Masterpiece yet we may think we are mess. We always were a Masterpiece, we were just looking at ourselves through a distorted lens. We were trying to find the door to our inspiration on the outside, trying to paint a self-portrait without knowing our true Self, trying to hold together an image of ourself in a place that does not exist.

Let go my friends… again… and again …and again.

Give your thoughts and dreams to the One in your Heart, the One that creates rainbows, the One that sees beyond the clouds; that sees the silver lining into the infinite sea of potential. Allow the grey to come alive, to become a small part of an infinite vibrant palette and live your life in full colour, Now.

Be Radical this Valentines: BE LOVE

So it’s nearly here again…that day we pin Love on. Like pinning the tail on the donkey, blindfolded, our partners risk stabbing us in the hearts as we concoct our perfect visions of Love, that we rarely reveal to them, yet expect somehow that if they are “the One”, our Beloved’s should know exactly what we want.

And God forbid that we are single at Valentines Day… Maybe our mind becomes like a minefield, throwing up grenades of either self loathing and hatred, “Why am I not lovable”, “What’s wrong with me”…or conversely it presents a battle tank, mocking those “needy” ones, firing mantras of “Thank God I’m not in relationship”, “I don’t need Love”, “I’m fine on my own”. The very latter may be a true fact but is only a healthy expression when the Heart is an open letter, not rejecting or blindly grasping at Love, but actually Being Love.

I invite you this year to really see this non-sense. I invite you this Valentines to make it about real Love and not about the illusions your mind thinks is Love. I invite you to actually Be Love, unconditionally, to yourself and your loved ones, instead of expecting Love to look a certain way and then using your partners actions or lack of them to determine whether or not they or you are lovable. If you really knew yourself as Love you would not really care about anything other than showing up in your relationship as Love itself.

Love is more than roses, more than chocolates, more than a diamond ring. These things are lovely to receive, yes, and sincerely given these things can mean a lot, but buying stuff because it’s expected is not real Love. Love is more to do with one’s Attitude, Intention and Openness. These things can’t be bought, only shared and experienced through relationship and Heartfelt communication.

To experience real Love, first you have to open your own Heart…it’s the only way. Yes you may feel vulnerable…yes you may have been hurt before…but it was never Love that hurt you, only your ideas and expectations of Love that were not fulfilled. It was them that were shattered not Love itself. Real Love is indestructible! If you are going to Be Love you need to be real and ask yourself this:

Do you really want to Love and know your partner? Or do you just want them to be an actor playing a role that they haven’t even been given the script for, that your mind wrote?

This is worth contemplating Now even if you are single and looking for Love. This is worth contemplating Now for all your relationships, not just romantic ones…

Love can only be given and received in the moment. Love can only be received with an open Heart. Love knows nothing of the past, it knows nothing of the future. Memories of Love aren’t real because they are not happening Now. Expectations of future Love are not real because they are not happening Now. Real Love can only be fully experienced Now, it can only be experienced in your own Heart so if your Heart is not open then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you…What you think is Love is not real.

If you want to experience real Love, whether you are in a relationship or not, you need to develop a strong and healthy connection with your own Heart. Without that you cannot truly Love or Be Loved. All other illusions of love pale in comparison to the Love in your very own Heart and those illusions will eventually shatter because the mind cannot experience real Love, it is always disappointed.

Only Love Now is real…Only Love in your Heart is real… The funny thing is when you make the inner shift towards looking for Love on the inside, it appears to get reflected back threefold on the outside. But don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself.

Lets be clear. Real Love doesn’t mean putting up with shit. It’s not always about being nice. It is always about being real and being authentic. Real Love is honest, sometimes ruthless in its expression of the Truth. Real Love can be like an atomic bomb to the ego.

I encourage you to be real. I encourage you to get intimate with your own Heart and your own capacity to Love. I encourage you to feel, to let go of any old wounds that you are harbouring in your mind, to heal any mind created idea that you are not Lovable by opening the Love letter your Soul wrote that is buried like treasure in your own chest; in your own Heart.

I encourage you this Valentines to be radical…to Be real…to Be LOVE

If you’d like to change your relationship with your mind and create more healthy relationships with yourself and others, please check out my next Ascension Meditation Course that is running at the end of next month and also the FREE Intro to Ascension Meditation Workshop and Movie showing on the 4th March, both at Stress Free Zone.

The Bright Path Ishaya’s Ascension Meditation Courses are run all over the world by people who have been brave enough to open that letter in their Heart and that are striving to live as real and authentic lives as possible whilst helping others live with full Hearts too.




Beyond the surface of the mind
There is a space so vast and kind
And if you watch you’ll surely find
Your eyes have never been aligned
No longer are you colourblind
No longer do you feel maligned
From meaningless thoughts you unbind
Releasing Joy that was confined
The body’s stress starts to unwind
The past is Now left behind
As eyes and Love become entwined
Your Heart will know it’s been assigned
To Be That for which it was designed
To Be the Love of Humankind

© The Bendy Witch

Inspired by the Presence of Love – A Course In Miracles study group.

Silent Still Space

Without Silence
There is no sound
Without Stillness
There is no movement
Without Space
There is no form…

Silent Still Space is
The body of Grace
When all judgement ceases
There are no longer pieces
Only Peace remains…

Grace is
Your Holy Spirit
The light that is
Your right to claim
And you can read
1000 books yet never see
Beyond the page…

Knowledge itself
Is not wisdom
To know is Still
An empty cup
That’s full of Love
To overflowing
The Eternal font
From which we sup…

They say She is coming
Yet She’s already here
The One that lives
Inside our Heart
The One waiting
To BE revealed
From the Heart of
The Silence…

And the Wise
Have learnt to
Wholeheartedly leap
From Loves edge
Into their fullness…
Into the Silence
Beyond sound
Into the Stillness
Beyond movement
Into the Space
Beyond form…

Into that
Which we already are…

Into that
Which we will always Be…

© The Bendy Witch