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When you realise you have been stuck in the past…Don’t l👀k back.

That small flicker of recognition is the keyhole to the door that leads you back to NOW.

Fortunately you already have the key…Your Attention.

Don’t worry about what you didn’t do…Or didn’t say…Or how you will do things differently next time…

Simply place ALL of your Attention on the recognition…Don’t l👀k back.

Celebrating your remembrance, turns the key, opens the door…Contraction BEcOMes expansion.

Through the keyhole there is Space…Silence from the old and worn out graffiti that appears to stain your heart and tire your mind.

Will you choose the PRESENT that is waiting for you to receive it…Or will you l👀k back?

Within this moment the past no longer exists and you are FREE from bonds that NOW never existed…FREE to create anew…FREE to ALLOW your heart’s song to BE sung with Innocence.

Celebrate your return…Don’t l👀k back.

Celebrate your remembrance.

Celebrate life…


©The Bendy Witch

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