Where Did You Go?

When you were born
You didn’t just stand
And walk into this life
No… You practiced
Over and over
Without Thought…
No thinking involved
Only an inner urge
Of life inviting you
Propelling you
In the direction
Of uprightness
While down you fell
Up you got
Down you fell
And up you got

You did not think
I am a bad human
Because I can’t yet stand
In fact the very opposite
You moved in sheer Joy
Innocent and curious
About your fingers and toes
That as yet had no name
You were content
To just play the game
Embrace the challenge
Of standing up
Falling down
Standing up
And falling down

I ask…
Is that not
The real You?
The One that God intended
To walk this Sacred Earth
The One who’s Presence
Is the Joy of

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