Blossom Online Yoga

Cultivate your consistent Yoga and easy Heart Meditation practices on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 7 am – 8 am, Live streamed on Zoom

Start your day by connecting within first, with Heart Meditation, enlivening movement though flowing Yoga asana, aligning with your best possible, Soul directed mindset, so you are internally free to get on with your day, living your life being more You and less who you think the world wants you to be.

Do you keep saying you want to practice Yoga or Meditation regularly but never quite seem to get round to it? Maybe you start and get easily distracted or you’re doing videos on you tube but aren’t sure if you’re doing it right so get disheartened and stop. Maybe you’re a super passionate and busy person and you want to get your practice done early so you can set your Self up for a successful, more Heart inspired day. Maybe you are looking to make consistent changes in your life, to dis-create unhelpful patterns and create a life more in alignment with the urges of your Soul.

You can sign up for Momentum Membership which gives access to all three classes, buy class passes or drop in.

These live stream on zoom classes will help you become more consistent, more confident, more motivated and will include:

  • Mixed level, alignment based, slow flowing Yoga for freedom of movement
  • (Did I say easy) Heart Meditation practice to help you be more alert and more YOU
  • “Be Activated” muscle activation techniques to rewire your mind/body connection so you can function with less risk of injury (on Mondays)
  • Energy medicine to keep your Prana (life force) flowing freely
  • Success Coaching and inspirational themes weaved throughout

Benefits of signing up:

  • Cultivate a consistent, Heart centred, Yoga and Meditation practice
  • Get some external motivation to keep up your momentum
  • Start your day by connecting in with YOU first
  • Have social accountability to keep aligning with your Success
  • Experience transformation and expansion in all areas of your life, not just in your body
  • Build a stronger, more functional body
  • Develop a healthier relationship with your body and mind
  • Experience more of your innate Spiritual Joy more of the time
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance from a senior teacher
  • Connect with similar like minded and encouraging Souls

To sign up click here and arrange your no obligation clarity call to make sure these classes are suitable for you and to work out which pricing option (see below) will suit your budget. Once you have signed up you have the option to be added to the Blossom Yogi’s Whats App group so you can easily let me know which classes you want to attend.

Consistency is key. It unlocks the accumulative effects of your Yoga and Meditation practices and you’ll have me there (or one of my guest teachers) to keep your enthusiasm alive for your practice and your life. Practicing at least 3 times a week gives you the best chance of inner and outer transformation and the best value. Hopefully you’ll soon start to feel confident to Self practice on the in-between days too.

Booking Options

When you want to see rapid transformation and are ready to cultivate a consistent practice book:

Momentum Monthly Membership : £55 per month (except December £33)

  • Access 12 live stream classes most months (excluding bank holidays)
  • No extra charge on 5 week months
  • First dibs on workshops, courses & retreats
  • 20% Discount on One to One sessions
  • 10% Discounts on Blue Star Therapies

Momentum classes on average work out at just over £4 per class.

Can’t do all 3 classes a week.. No worries! Book:

10 class pass (use within 2 months from date of purchase)

10 classes @ £6.50 per class £65

5 class pass (use within 6 weeks of purchase date)

5 classes @ £7 per class £35

When you just want to practice now and again book:

Drop In: £8

Please note: You will still need to arrange a (one time) clarity call before your first class (unless you are a previous student) and fill in the new health declaration form which will be emailed to you after sign up. To guarantee your space, ideally please book by 2pm the day before the class you wish to drop in.

Concessions are arranged on request. Do you have a “Friend in need”? I’m offering a free place to one person every month in the hope that it will support them through challenging times. Contact me to find out more.

Sign Up here to arrange your no obligation clarity call.


Mind Set Mondays : 7.00 am – 8.00 am : Mixed Level

Cultivate balance between your mind, body and emotions, strengthen your boundaries and receive encouragement to keep coming back to your Heart’s priorities. This class will help unlock your energy and give you some tools to maintain it. Set your inner compass for success as you align with your creativity at the beginning of the week in this funky fusion of Meditation, Be Activated Technique and Yoga, with Success Coaching weaved throughout.

You will learn and practice :

  • Easy Heartsease Meditation. You can use it with your eyes closed or open to stay in tune with your Heart, to calm your mind, to increase your intuition and generally be more more Present during the week and in your life. 
  • Free writing (for 3 mins) on what Success this week really looks like for you. 
  • An enlivening Yoga practice with Be Activated, muscle firing techniques to get your body switched on and ready for whatever the week brings.
  • Savasana (Yoga resting pose) to integrate new energy patterns and neural pathways.

Wake Up Wednesdays : 7.00 am – 8.00 am : Mixed Level

A mid week boost of body and mind goodness. This class will help keep your juices flowing, move you beyond that mid-week slump of “Urrgh…How long is it til the bloody weekend?” and keep you motivated to stick to (or press the reset button) on what you know is good for you. We will practice keeping the mind where the body is, maintaining the flow we activated at the beginning of the week. As you become more Present you will begin to naturally enjoy and more easily rest in this moment. NOW.

You will learn and practice:

  • Easy Heartsease Meditation and pranayama (breath practices) to get your mind where your body is.
  • An energising assortment of yoga postures to increase your flexibility, strength, energy flow and awareness.
  • A short savasana… Long enough to allow all the new energy patterns to form in the neurological pathways and short enough not to get you so relaxed you can’t be assed to do any work!

Friday Freedom Flow : 7.00 am – 8.00 am : Mixed Level

Set your Self free with this transformational, awakening, alignment based flow class. You will transition with Grace, into the weekend as you are wholeheartedly encouraged to shed the old and awaken to new possibilities, dis-creating any accumulated tension from your week that you might otherwise be tempted to carry forward. You’ll build inner resilience by realigning the mind with the Heart and outer strength through playful Yoga Asanas.

You will learn and practice:

  • Easy Heartsease Meditation and pranayama (breath practices) to keep those heart energies flowing through the weekend.
  • Releasing, activating and playful yoga postures to increase your awareness, joy and enthusiasm for whatever the weekend brings.
  • Savasana (Yoga resting pose) to experience and integrate our Joy and make it our default setting!

Sign Up here and arrange your no obligation clarity call.

Click here for frequently asked questions and concerns.

Concerned you won’t be able to keep up? Sign up for a One to One (zoom or in person) orientation session. We’ll see where you are at physically, what props you may need, how you can adjust the poses depending on your specific body type or injuries so you can join in with confidence.