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I love being a NYR Organic (Neals Yard Remedies) Independent Consultant and use the products myself! I Love the company’s ethics and the products, especially the Frankincense Intense range!

You can order directly from my replicated website. Check that my name Rachael White is in the top right hand corner when you click the link above! If you order through me I’ll be very appreciative.

Order over £50 of product with me online and receive £5 off any any of my holistic facials at Blue Star Therapies in Bedfordshire, providing you book within a month of your purchase or from when The Granary Cabin opens in January if you purchase in December!

I want my holistic therapy clients to have the best quality, natural and ethical products and I offer the same Love and care to my clients that I know goes into Neals Yard Remedies.


Buying NYR Organic products is good for everyone! Good for us, as we are guaranteed clean and natural products to put on our skin (no hidden nasties), good for the fair trade workers and communities that NYR support and good for the planet. Being organic where possible there’s no residues of pesticides. I know when I purchase NYR products that I am supporting an ethical company that cares about not only it’s profits but it’s employees and the planet! I hope you’ll give these products a try and love them as much as I do.

There’s lots of info and video’s on the website about the communities that NYR support and the care that they go to, to make sure what you put on your skin is helpful not harmful to your body and the environment.

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If you are a holistic/alternative therapist or Yoga teacher, becoming a NYRO Independent Consultant is a great way to supplement your existing business, with lots of added benefits for you. If you are Mum at home needing a little extra extra income, have you ever thought about being your own boss? This business is something that many consultants successfully work around the kids. Training is free and support is always available. Contact me if you are interested and I will send you all the information you need to get going.

One of NYRO’s most popular campaigns is Save The Bees. In fact there’s a whole range of product where the a percentage of the profits go towards helping bees thrive. Their job is  so important to the wellbeing of this planet. I’ve always had a love of bees and honey, and if you’ve read any of my blogs you’ll know I love the practice of Blessing. So my team is called the Blessed Bees! I’d love for you to join us.