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Little White Feather

Feeling a little ungrounded yesterday with all the wind of late, I decided to go for a run. It was like the wind had churned my subconscious into a multicoloured glob of Play-Doh and I was struggling to find a single colour to begin the sculpting of my day. I sensed that my inner volume… Continue reading Little White Feather


The Hallowed Wind

She blows Wind of the West Her underskirts billowing She screams of unrest Carrying tattered dreams Innocent's screams Across vast oceans And trickling streams To all that will hear Her pleading cries As she carries The lost souls of Her precious Children Listen... She whispers Be still...In the Eye of the storm Honour Her will… Continue reading The Hallowed Wind


Is your life an effortless flow of Grace, or are you getting in your own way?

In my Yoga classes this week we are exploring transformation and change. As we learn to let go of that which we are not, and allow the process of change by remaining innocent and curious, our true colours get a chance to shine. Sometimes we block our own progress by focusing on limiting beliefs that… Continue reading Is your life an effortless flow of Grace, or are you getting in your own way?


Grace’s Prayer

You thought you were on a rollYou thought you were in control Only to find it was all an illusionFrom your misplaced delusion That you could freeze timeIn the relative sublimeAnd while you struggle to pick up The pieces of the grand f*ck upSands of time slip through your fingersShe waits, in the void she lingersPatiently, for you… Continue reading Grace’s Prayer


IN-NIT (IN Nothingness’s Infinite Truth)

In your eyes I see her smile In your smile I see her Joy In your Joy I AM held In the arms of loving Grace In your presence I AM here In this moment remembered In Love...resting In Peace In Contentment In this silent, still place I AM Inspired by my hearts highest hope… Continue reading IN-NIT (IN Nothingness’s Infinite Truth)


The Pause

Be still...The pause is nearly here It happens but just once a year The Earth Mother completes her long exhale Releasing all that's old and stale If you blink you'll miss the space A magical and Sacred place Where past and future intertwine Fear and Hope collide in time Creating a cauldron of intention That… Continue reading The Pause

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I See You

I see You But you don’t want to be seen You don’t want to fight your demons today Only to nestle, quite contently In the belly of ignorance Wishing it will all go away Hoping things will just change I see You Your anguish overwhelms my senses I feel the heaviness of your aching heart… Continue reading I See You