n: Rachael White (Raye for short😉)

t: o7966 775150


Please Note: My phone is often on silent or aeroplane mode, especially whilst working for two reasons:

1) I want to give my clients my undivided attention. Nothings worse than a phone going off in the middle of Savasana, or halfway through a nice relaxing massage just as your sinking deep into it. It’s not good for business!

 2) I am one of those unfortunate (or Blessed depending on your perspective, haha!) people that has a sensitivity to EMF and RF fields. This means I have to limit my exposure to Wifi and phone signals or I feel quite ill and it impairs my ability to focus. I hardwire to the internet to work where possible and try to avoid or limit my exposure to wifi and I have set times of the day where I will check for emails and messages if I’m not able to hardwire, which also helps me to be more focused and productive as I’m not getting distracted by every notification on my phone! So there are some benefits.

Please leave a voicemail, text or email and I will get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully within a few hours and most definitely within 24 (unless I’m travelling or on holiday!). If it’s urgent, text is best and if necessary I’ll get my air tube earphones out and will call you back asap!

I’m very passionate about raising awareness of EHS or Electro Hyper Sensitivity. In the EU it’s a recognised disability and in certain European countries wifi has been banned in schools. Unfortunately the UK has a long way to catch up. Many people have been encouraged to believe EHS is psychosomatic, despite a lot of evidence to the contrary which gets pushed aside by companies wanting to make good profits. Anxiety and fear around the symptoms does make EHS worse obviously, as does anxiety fear around pretty much everything…

There’s a lot of good advice out there on ways to get the best out of technology and maintain your health, so I’m not anti tech. Without it I wouldn’t be able to share my poems with you through this lovely website! But it’s equally important to not blindly believe everything we hear. Making ourself aware of how these invisible fields interact with our bodies, what the affects are and managing our exposure helps us to keep our bodies healthy in the long term. Prevention they say is better than cure. I’ll be writing a blog on this at some point about my personal experience with smart meters as an EHS sufferer. It wasn’t pretty.

Anyway…I’ll get off my soap box! As always awareness is Power and gives you choice! Whether you make that choice is another story…and possibly another blog!

Anyway, I’d love to hear from you. Just don’t get all huffy if I don’t pick up instantly or don’t reply to you within 10 seconds. If you do like/expect instant gratification, Yoga and Meditation can give you some very good tools to cope when things don’t go your way…teehee!