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It’s Time To Fly

Come little fledgling It's time to fly Don't look down Look up at the sky On the precipice of life With strength you now stand Trust in your wings Let go of my hand Feel the butterflies Swirling all around Excitement that carries You to fertile ground Embrace new beginnings Free from old fear Leap… Continue reading It’s Time To Fly


The World Is Not Broken

The World is not broken Our perception is Humans are not a disease Illusion is Spirit is Eternal Our bodies are not Expectations are broken Our Hearts are not The Earth is not evil But our actions can be The body is not sinful But our choices can be Nature is Abundant Our beliefs may… Continue reading The World Is Not Broken

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What’s Going On…

This is a quick post to update you on what's going on in The Bendy Witch universe. I've recently uploaded a few lovely pages, so this is an invitation to please check them out: Blossom Online Yoga Studio I've launched the Blossom Online Yoga Studio that I mentioned in a previous blog. Classes are live… Continue reading What’s Going On…

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Integrity Leads to Unity

Tarot In Rhyme and A Deeper Exploration - Week Beginning 26/09/22 and Beyond Desire for Unity Balance of polarity Purity of connection Leads to equanimity Now there's a choice To live as your Divinity Two becomes more If you allow vulnerability Magician upturned Abuses raw power To suit his own needs Vision turned sour The… Continue reading Integrity Leads to Unity

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Cultivating Consistency in Spiritual Practice When You’re Not Consistent!

I’ll be honest. In my daily life I often struggle with consistency. This is obvious with the inconsistency of my posting and it truly is a constant challenge for me to be consistent. I struggle to start things and then I hyper focus when I do, or I'll start three projects at once! Instead of… Continue reading Cultivating Consistency in Spiritual Practice When You’re Not Consistent!

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As Above, So Below

Tarot in Rhyme 13/6/2022 and Beyond... As above so below As within so without Beautiful seeds You have sown Watch them blossom Have no doubt Masculine And feminine Either, or, is Not to win Black in white White in black Choose duality or unity No turning back Moon reflects Inconsistencies Polarities Convoluted destinies Shining light… Continue reading As Above, So Below

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If It’s Real…

Be : Love is all just words Until it becomes action Be Love don’t prove it Truth : Love is all just words When shared no proof is needed Actions reveal Truth Feel : Love is all just words Truth is how you really feel Don’t edit to please Real : Love is all just… Continue reading If It’s Real…