The Silent Revolution

The Silent Revolution is a call to choose Love over fear, to return to a state of Love and Appreciation for what’s actually real and Natural in this current, false, media driven and influenced, world.

The Silent Revolution, in it’s simplicity is to start the day with your Heart, not your head. It’s learning to tune “in” before you zone out. It’s infusing your “to do” list with what’s really important to you, taking charge of who and what is driving your “vehicle”. It is to place your hand on your Heart, connect with your Self, connect with your SOUL (Source Of Universal Love) within by listening to your heartbeat. To let that be your compass as you move into your day from a place of connection and Love versus compulsion.

The Silent Revolution at its deeper level, it’s the practice of daily Heart centred Meditation, to maintain your awareness and connection with your Heart, your SOUL and the Truth of who you are, not who you think you are. This leads to the cultivation of Unconditional Positive Regard.

It is the cultivation of vigilance to discern, to reject anything that passes through your mind that’s not in alignment with your Heart and SOUL. It’s the practice of loving discrimination, radical truth and fierce Compassion that helps you become free from external media mind control and manipulation and your own self defeating internal chatter. It’s a journey of no distance to your most authentic Self, a coming home to your Self by way of the Heart.

Join in…

To join The Silent Revolution, you don’t have to engage with me or pay any subscriptions. Simply, upon waking, place your hand on your Heart and listen for your Heartbeat. When you notice your overthinking, repeat! Go about your day with deeper connection.

Meditation Cafe…

If you’d like to dive deeper and want to meet other Heart centred beings, join us and learn a simple and very personal to you, Heart centred Meditation that you can practice eyes closed and eyes open to help you be more Present, more Compassionate and more Loving (including fierce Love!) NOW.

Sign up to my newsletter here to register for and gain access to The Silent Revolution Meditation Cafe (via zoom) and to stay updated on in person events and meet ups. I’ll take you through the process of creating your personal daily Heart words and Mantras, we practice Meditating with them together and at the end make a cuppa, share experiences and you can ask questions about your practice. Telegram group also available for continued connection, encouragement with your practice and co-ordinated group Meditations outside of the cafe.

Festivals & Events…

11-13/8/23 : BACK TO THE ROOTS

The Silent Revolution will be at “Back To The Roots” festival in Hemel Hempstead, providing a space for you to come and learn to Meditate, to close your eyes and chill out when you need some time out, so you can then go move your body and groove with your Stillness.

Get your tickets – Click here – Early early bird tickets on sale till 20/04/23

If you’d like me to bring The Silent Revolution to your area, event or festival, please contact me.

You can follow The Silent Revolution on instagram here.

May your Heart be the portal to deeper awareness of your Self and in that awareness may you become a Loving Presence in this world.

Blessed Be