The World Is Not Broken

The World is not broken Our perception is Humans are not a disease Illusion is Spirit is Eternal Our bodies are not Expectations are broken Our Hearts are not The Earth is not evil But our actions can be The body is not sinful But our choices can be Nature is Abundant Our beliefs may… Continue reading The World Is Not Broken

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You Are Not Alone

I wonder if this lovely yellow lily ever feels alone? Only seeing the big green leaves around her, thinking she is so different and the leaves will never understand what it’s like to blossom in the way that she does or see what she sees. I wonder if she ever forgets that although they are… Continue reading You Are Not Alone


Grace’s Prayer

You thought you were on a rollYou thought you were in control Only to find it was all an illusionFrom your misplaced delusion That you could freeze timeIn the relative sublimeAnd while you struggle to pick up The pieces of the grand f*ck upSands of time slip through your fingersShe waits, in the void she lingersPatiently, for you… Continue reading Grace’s Prayer