The World Is Not Broken

The World is not broken Our perception is Humans are not a disease Illusion is Spirit is Eternal Our bodies are not Expectations are broken Our Hearts are not The Earth is not evil But our actions can be The body is not sinful But our choices can be Nature is Abundant Our beliefs may… Continue reading The World Is Not Broken

Poetry, Thoughts

Come To Me

Come to me Blindfolded, naked Battered Heart Hanging from chest With every sin Tattooed on your Quivering body Come to me With weapons If you must But know here They will not Protect you From your deepest Fears of intimacy Come to me Here and Now Bearing no gifts Only your Presence Warrior let my… Continue reading Come To Me



Can you sit with me in the Silence With no need for empty words. Can you speak to me Through your eyes With your Heart From your Soul. Will you BE For me So We Can Share OurSelves Beyond all the Bullshit, the conditioning And perceived pain of the past. Will you find the Courage… Continue reading Innocence


The Beloved

Find me in the silence Where the world is at Peace In her ocean of Love Where you can release All the pain of your past All your worry and fear In Her ALL they are gone They are no longer here Rest and relax In Her tender embrace She is holding you now In… Continue reading The Beloved


 Kali – Ma

In The stillness she came Footsteps of thunder Skulls clattering Around her slender neck Her heart the quickening Beat of the drum Sword in hand Glistening irredescant Like a Dragonfly's wings Her frenzied swing Decapitates the head's Of my beloved's She Is in my face The dark moon Eyes bulging, Tongue roaring, studded With one… Continue reading  Kali – Ma


Sacred Flute

In the silence She speaksThrough the beat of your heartRippling waves of LoveShe eternally guides You Soft as an Angels kissAs strong as silkShe wraps every part of your BeingIn her robes of Unconditional Love She whisper as she weavesThe tapestry of your SoulThe BEaUty of your HeartWith Love, Peace and Wisdom The restless mind… Continue reading Sacred Flute



There's nothing quite so magical As Moonbeams at twilight And the soothing silent lullaby As the Moon sings the Sun goodnight Wrapped up in the stillness Of Natures pure delight Little creatures come to dance In her gentle, soft moonlight And my heart sings As she kisses my face In that precious moment All past… Continue reading Moonbeams