About Me

The Bendy Witch
A White Wizard
Heart of Dragon
Not reptilian lizard

Timelessness, BEaUty
Enchanted word
Dark Priestess
Lights up absurd

Owl on shoulder
Jaguar at feet
Faery wings where
Wisdom and wonder meet

Healing hands
Open Heart
If not centred
Feels split apart

Head in Sky
Feet on Earth
Lightening strikes
To bring rebirth

Lover of Love
Bringer of Life
Doesn’t like conflict
Will face all strife

Mother of Starseeds
Maiden, Mother, Crone
Dissolving deep fears
Of Being alone

Learns by experience
Strives to be real
No Spiritual bypassing
It’s Human to feel

Shamanic dancing
The sound of rain
Welcoming it All
Joy and pain

Songwriter, Artist
Learning guitar
Lives on a boat
So Natures not far

Loves singing Mantras
Yoga maintains
Hand on Heart connection
Meditation sustains

Curious to a fault
Reluctant Lioness
Will roar when necessary
No longer tries to impress

Recovering “nice” person
Animal lover
Kind, too honest
People observer

Afraid to speak
Not afraid to fail
Feels the fear
To share life’s tale

Poetry in motion
Life unfolding 
Modern day Mystic
Love Beholding

© The Bendy Witch 

Instead of the usual, boring “This is what I do and what I’ve done”, which isn’t really about “me” at all, I thought I’d try introducing mySelf in rhyme and pictures.

White Wizard Tzolkin Glyph

To see what I “do” check out my offerings page and Blue Star Therapies which is dedicated purely to the healing side of my business. If you are curious as to the White Wizard element in my poem click here. It’s my Tzolkin Seal (tone is Overtone) and I relate very much to this essence. It’s no wonder I’ve always loved black panthers, have healing hands, don’t if honest, understand the modern world, and have ended up studying Shamanism!

Life is a symphony and the action of every person in this life is the playing of his particular part in the music.


Who are you in this moment? What is your essence? Are you living your hopes and facing your fears? I’d love to know whose been curious enough to read this far and I invite you to introduce the essence of yourSelf to me in the comments. Maybe you can write and share your own “About Me” poem…

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Curious to the end,
    Deeply afraid
    Body of Bliss
    With dread-like excitement, the Absyal embrace

    Nothing under foot, nothing overhead,
    Space for the world, shepard for the dead

    Magic gathers, powers coalesce
    Drawing the Essence
    Knowing, Loving, Blessing

    I am what I am not
    Surrendered to the divine
    Like water, Compassion crashes, flows
    I move, no one knows

    Way-walker, story-weaver
    Medicine friend, Earth steward
    Traveller In-Between

    Beyond the known, into the Unseen
    Beyond the felt, into the vast IS and Yet-to-Be
    Beyond the past / future, into the Timeless

    1. Reading this gave me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing of your Self here, in full spectrum, your blessings and fears. This line particularly moved me, “Like water, Compassion crashes, flows”. Compassion is not always comfortable!🙏🏼🥰

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