The World Is Not Broken

The World is not broken Our perception is Humans are not a disease Illusion is Spirit is Eternal Our bodies are not Expectations are broken Our Hearts are not The Earth is not evil But our actions can be The body is not sinful But our choices can be Nature is Abundant Our beliefs may… Continue reading The World Is Not Broken

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Lets Hook Up

A Double Haiku I am not a fish You can’t hook me for I am The ocean HerSelf Dive in or go home If you want to dip your toe Go find a puddle ©The Bendy Witch This double Haiku I’ve performed a couple times recently. It usually gets laughs, after the first line! I… Continue reading Lets Hook Up



This Earth is Sacred We walk on Hallowed ground In Reverence and Appreciation Mother’s Love is found This Life is Sacred Don’t believe in the lies Of any religions that Tell you otherwise This Breath is Sacred From the first to the last And ALL in between The future and past This Moment is Sacred… Continue reading SACRED LAND