Yoga Teacher Mentoring


This is an invitation to get intimate with your Heart, to welcome your Heart’s Wisdom into your Self practice and teaching and to experience how this can easily alleviate “imposter syndrome”.

It’s so easy (and a very normal experience), when you begin to teach Yoga, to let your own practice slip. Imposter syndrome sets in as you feel guilty for not practicing every day. It can be overwhelming to integrate all the knowledge of teacher trainings and you may feel like you don’t and will never know enough to be a “good” teacher. This is absolutely not true.

Yoga is a Spiritual practice. It’s important for you, as a Yoga teacher, to find ways to keep the Spirit of Yoga alive within you, even on days when you don’t do Asana practice. This will not come from doing more trainings and overloading the mind with often contradictory approaches either. It comes from reconnecting with your Heart, remembering who you are and why you started Yoga in the first place, listening to the song of your Soul and letting that inform your practices, your teachings and your life.

You didn’t become a Yoga teacher to simply get people in funky Yoga poses. When you teach authentically from your Heart in the state of Yoga, the Wisdom that spontaneously flows through you is the seed that takes root in your student’s consciousness, initiating their own Yogic blossoming. 

As a teacher of Yoga, your Presence is a wonderful gift to your students and it is most helpful if you can fully accept and realise this.

I would love to help you to really get clear on what you want to experience from your Yoga and Meditation practices, to help you find ways to keep your own practice alive, to keep “imposter syndrome” at bay and in doing so to help you grow your own teaching Presence and confidence.


Authenticity check in. Reconnect with Anahata, your Spiritual Heart and the voice of your Wisdom. You’ll create a simple daily Spiritual Heart Practice to clear any mind weeds that are strangling your Joy and blocking your Wisdom’s full expression in your own practice and your teaching.


Reality check up. Self enquiry session to envision what wants to blossom in your Heart and what changes you need to make to the “soil” of your environment so your Heart “flower” can thrive, be seen and be a source of inspiration to your students.


Honesty check over. Ditch your doubts and cultivate the Confidence to be 100% you in your classes. We’ll look at your strengths and weaknesses and how being honest, not perfect, is the key to deeper, more authentic connections with your students.


Wisdom check out: In this session we’ll evaluate any changes you’ve noticed since week one. We’ll explore how you can use your developing in-tuition to allow space for Wisdom and spontaneity to arise, to see more easily whats needed in the moment and Trust in your knowledge and Wisdom so much that you are not afraid to deviate from a class plan that may be inappropriate to the energy of the room. 

4 x 1 hour sessions : £222


  • Online via zoom
  • Wollaston Lock, Northamptonshire (on my wide beam boat)
  • Whitespace Yoga Studio, Milton Keynes (There will be an additional charge for the studio hire)
  • Highcliffe, Dorset (one off sessions only)


You may take these four mentoring sessions over 4 weeks, bi-weekly or over 4 months.

There is the option to work with Shamanic healing (at no extra cost) as we go through this process, to more easily dis-create the “imposter” egregor. In Shamanic terms this is a thought form that you have fed so much it appears real. 

There’s the option to continue beyond this with monthly or bi-monthly mentoring sessions @ £55 per session.

Once you have purchased this package you are also eligible to book Blossom Online Yoga Momentum Membership at a discounted rate of £44 per month.

One off 1.5 hour mentoring sessions : £77

These are great for when you’ve lost your passion for your practice and teaching and need a little adjustment from the mind back to your Heart.

Contact me to book or for a free 20 minute zoom consultation to discuss your mentoring needs and to see if we feel we will work well together. It’s important that you find the right mentor, that you feel comfortable with me and that we talk the same language.

Blessed Be