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It’s Time To Fly

Come little fledgling It's time to fly Don't look down Look up at the sky On the precipice of life With strength you now stand Trust in your wings Let go of my hand Feel the butterflies Swirling all around Excitement that carries You to fertile ground Embrace new beginnings Free from old fear Leap… Continue reading It’s Time To Fly


Consumer God

Warning - Contains a couple of swear words. Do not read if they offend you. What happens to all the shiny stuff? Where the f*ck does it all go? Every season there’s a turn around Of more stuff to put on show What happens to all the clothes That no-one wants to buy? I wonder… Continue reading Consumer God


Spiritual Bollocks

Spiritual BollocksIs missing the pointLike searching for enlightenmentBy smoking a jointMaking a talking stickAnd then butting inDefining yourself byYour totem Dolphin It's giving awayAll of your powerTo the psychic that saysLife is gonna get sourOr to the crystalStone or featherTalisman hung on aThong of leather It's an intellectual conceptAnd talking a good talkDoing spiritual stuffBut… Continue reading Spiritual Bollocks

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Dancing In Between the I’s

Dancing in between the I’s It really is of no surprise When you learn the steps, whether quick or slow Occasionally you may trip over your toes And as you “fall” from loving Grace Landing hard flat on your face You begin to contemplate your pain Bewildered, “How did I get here again?” As you’re… Continue reading Dancing In Between the I’s