What you love/like the most about classes:

The three classes are different. Each session starts with a Heart meditation which I now do every day. I particularly like Mondays as we journal and do muscle activation.

Any changes you’ve noticed in your body or mind:

My body is getting stronger and I am getting more confident in the poses. I am more aware of what is going on in my mind.

Any revelations:

I thought I needed to be able to see the teacher but Raye is very good at explaining what you should be doing and I am finding I don’t need to see her. It is certainly helping me to be aware of my posture.

Note: I (Raye) am visible on zoom should you need to look).

Why you would recommend people to join us:

Raye is an amazing teacher and incorporates so much wisdom into the classes.

Lynne Hatch

What do you love/like the most about classes:

The time I absolutely love.  The  7 – 8 am starts my day off perfect. I love the weave of inner work, flow, strength and your smile that lights the screen. My body feels alive and ready to take on the day.

Any changes you’ve noticed in your body/mind:

Strength, flexibility with focus and a spring in my step!


Why would you recommend people to join us: 

You were my first yoga teacher to take me under your wing on a damp winter’s eve many years ago. I was a complete novice but with your outstanding teaching, you gave me confidence and the wings to explore the wonders of our body’s strength and the inner selfSo for anyone out there wanting to grow with their yoga practice then these online classes will be right up your street. Take the plunge you won’t regret.

Simone Mcpherson

What do you love/like the most about classes:

I love that you’ve set it at a great time, 7 – 8 is perfect for me..  as is the hour. I love that its a perfect balance of inner work, flow, strength, and also a gentle body wake up (I do the Friday morning session).

What changes have you noticed in your body or mind:

My body already feels more flexible and stronger after only 2 classes.

Any revelations: I’ve missed your flow!

Why you would recommend people to join us:

You are a brilliant yoga teacher..  With many years of experience, your classes are fun and very inclusive,  no matter what peoples level everyone will gain and grow from joining your classes.

Sam Lacy

Raye’s classes are so much deeper than yoga postures and movement which has enabled me to truly re-connect with myself on many levels, even when my mind was very much resisting.   Her gentle strength, enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge amazes me every lesson which has helped unlock long held holding patterns in my body that had caused daily pain for over 20 years.

I love the muscle activation techniques which gives me much more stability in my yoga postures and a subtle relaxation within that automatically raises outward awareness and connection, although my favorite part of the class is the beautiful heart meditation at the beginning. 

Raye really lives her practice and is so attuned to each member of the class and herself which always makes you feel like the class has been tailored just for you.

I am really enjoying regular practice throughout the week focusing on different elements in each class.  Friends and family have noticed it is bringing out a new found confidence in many other areas of daily life too.

I recommend to everyone to sign up and be part of a lovely group witnessing ourselves blossom. 

Thank you so much Raye

Christina Daniels

I wasn’t sure about a yoga class at 7am but it is so worthwhile, I might crawl out of bed at 6.55 but an hour later I’m ready to face whatever the day can bring.

I love that the three classes I take at Blossom are all different, focusing sometimes on the more meditative side of yoga and other times on more energetic flow sequences. Raye always seems to know which ‘bits’ I need to relax and is such an intuitive teacher, being one of the older students I’m sure I would be much less mobile if I didn’t do these classes – yes even at 7 on a dark autumn morning.

Chris Munro