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Have You Ever Seen A Cow Cry?

On Sunday some friends and I went down to the river to drum for the waters; a global event of unified drum prayers. Immediately on entering the field I came upon the fully intact wing of a Falcon and noticed two young cows minding their own business in the upper corner. Falcon in Shamanism is… Continue reading Have You Ever Seen A Cow Cry?

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Trigger warning. This poem is about Death.. and Murder.. It is also a Prayer and a Blessing to one whose life was taken abruptly.. In light of recent highlighting of systematic violence towards women, it feels time for this poem Butterfly to be set free. 🦋 Butterfly Now in the sky Colours bright Warm fire… Continue reading Butterfly


How To Fulfil Your New Years Resolutions…

It was time for a well deserved break. Raw chocolate and raspberry tart with Jasmin Dragon Pearls tea to the rescue and a little update on instagram or so I thought. Well no actually, we appear to have got on the blog train and there’s no time like the Present, which is what the blog… Continue reading How To Fulfil Your New Years Resolutions…


The Benefits of Blessing as a Daily Practice…

I Bless this day in its BEaUty, in all the Love that it holds, in its ease and flow. I Bless this day in its renewed friendships, easy communication, new potential, and reliable business partnerships. I Bless this day in its honesty and authenticity and I Bless mySelf in eyes that see beyond the exterior,… Continue reading The Benefits of Blessing as a Daily Practice…


Be LOVE’s Star

LOVE needs no defences No impenetrable walls No conditions or reasons It needs nothing at ALL So Bless your button pressers That one day they may Take off their armour And put their weapons away Let LOVE be your guide Let TRUTH be your voice LOVE can't be hurt It can only rejoice To the… Continue reading Be LOVE’s Star


Earth Angels

Angels come to Bless the Earth Igniting flames in human hearts To tend the fire of Sacred hearth Shining bright they light the path Their Wisdom guides us safely home In their presence we know we are never alone Reflecting light so we can see The BEaUty of humanity How wonderful it is to be… Continue reading Earth Angels


Things To Remember

Find your Love at the start of the day Then things will more likely go your way Stop for a moment and let Love out Let in all the Blessings already about Pause, breathe, check your breath A healthy flow wards off premature death Close your eyes, take time to see Your hearts desire manifest… Continue reading Things To Remember


Adam and Junko’s Wedding Blessing

Adam and Junko May your marriage be Blessed May you always see In each other the best May you always remember That only Love matters Through these eyes Love will Never end up in tatters May you always be true To yourselves and your other Be the husband, the wife But always the Lovers Let… Continue reading Adam and Junko’s Wedding Blessing