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Primordial OneWild and FreeDragon of deep watersYou cannot tame meFor I will alwaysFind a way to flowThere’s no other wayIt has to be soI am the firstI will be the lastDeny my grief andYou’ll drown fastSuppress me, you’llFeel God’s wrathFlow with me, you’llFind God’s pathGod’s Love aloneCan heal my painThat comes from griefOf those been… Continue reading Leviathan


Consumer God

Warning - Contains a couple of swear words. Do not read if they offend you. What happens to all the shiny stuff? Where the f*ck does it all go? Every season there’s a turn around Of more stuff to put on show What happens to all the clothes That no-one wants to buy? I wonder… Continue reading Consumer God


Where Did You Go?

When you were born You didn’t just stand And walk into this life No… You practiced Over and over Without Thought… No thinking involved Only an inner urge Of life inviting you Propelling you In the direction Of uprightness While down you fell Up you got Down you fell And up you got Again You… Continue reading Where Did You Go?

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Are You Limiting Your Experience By Your Own Definition?

Lately my attention has been alerted to the power we give to words and how we let our own definitions affect our experience for better or worse! I am reminded of a poem, "God & Cheese" I wrote a while ago, so thought I would repost it. Real and meaningful conversations are based on listening… Continue reading Are You Limiting Your Experience By Your Own Definition?

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God and Cheese

I think we Can all agree That when it comes to cheese Whether we know it as Fromage Kase, Queso or Serr It's still cheese No debating there But when it Comes to God It's a very different story Each name of God representing A different kind of Glory As man fights over Gods true… Continue reading God and Cheese


She Speaks

You and I We are One Never in any Instant of time Have we been Separate You are already Resting in the Body of Me And even when You cannot see The BEaUty that flows Through your Heart Even when you Feel split-apart It is all just an Illusion I hold You Eternally in Loving… Continue reading She Speaks


Thoughts on Little Self

On reflection of my poem, "Little Self Know Who You Are - A Message From Grace", the idea that ego/personality is the paint palette of the Divine really makes me smile! It is reassuring to my ego and hopefully yours that it will not have to die in the presence of God/Grace/Source but it will be enhanced… Continue reading Thoughts on Little Self