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Lets Hook Up

A Double Haiku I am not a fish You can’t hook me for I am The ocean HerSelf Dive in or go home If you want to dip your toe Go find a puddle ©The Bendy Witch This double Haiku I’ve performed a couple times recently. It usually gets laughs, after the first line! I… Continue reading Lets Hook Up

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As Above, So Below

Tarot in Rhyme 13/6/2022 and Beyond... As above so below As within so without Beautiful seeds You have sown Watch them blossom Have no doubt Masculine And feminine Either, or, is Not to win Black in white White in black Choose duality or unity No turning back Moon reflects Inconsistencies Polarities Convoluted destinies Shining light… Continue reading As Above, So Below

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If It’s Real…

Be : Love is all just words Until it becomes action Be Love don’t prove it Truth : Love is all just words When shared no proof is needed Actions reveal Truth Feel : Love is all just words Truth is how you really feel Don’t edit to please Real : Love is all just… Continue reading If It’s Real…

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Connect With Your Loved Ones

Tarot in Rhyme for week 08/02/21 and beyond - Stay connected to your loved ones the best you can and be kind to yourSelf. (Warning, little swarey rant in the authors note!😬) Family may be  On your mind A desire to share To be loving and kind Create precious moments You can always treasure Experiences… Continue reading Connect With Your Loved Ones


Take Off Your Mask

How can someone Love you If you won't show your true face How can someone Love you If you think you're a disgrace How can someone Love you If Loves labelled wrong or right How can someone Love you If you're always hiding your own light How can someone Love you If you will not… Continue reading Take Off Your Mask


Online Dating…I Don’t Think So!🤔

WARNING: If you are offended by use of the F' word, please read no further. It is used quite extensively throughout this blog! A close friend of mine has been single for a while and after being on a few too many solo holidays has decided that it’s time to actively seek a mate. She… Continue reading Online Dating…I Don’t Think So!🤔


Love, Love, Love…

I know...it's been a while! I thought I'd get back into the writing flow with a little musing on Love. Well it is coming up to Valentines Day! And last week I was asked to talk on a Self-Love Summit by the lovely Detox expert and author, Faith Canter, which will be aired this Saturday.… Continue reading Love, Love, Love…

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I See You

I see You But you don’t want to be seen You don’t want to fight your demons today Only to nestle, quite contently In the belly of ignorance Wishing it will all go away Hoping things will just change I see You Your anguish overwhelms my senses I feel the heaviness of your aching heart… Continue reading I See You