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đź’› So you think your Heart is broken But your Heart can never break Its only expectations that Create a Heart that’s fake Yes, you may feel a little battered You may feel a little blue Fill all the little chips and cracks With Souls healing Golden glue Each trial makes you stronger Each split… Continue reading Kintsugi

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Primordial OneWild and FreeDragon of deep watersYou cannot tame meFor I will alwaysFind a way to flowThere’s no other wayIt has to be soI am the firstI will be the lastDeny my grief andYou’ll drown fastSuppress me, you’llFeel God’s wrathFlow with me, you’llFind God’s pathGod’s Love aloneCan heal my painThat comes from griefOf those been… Continue reading Leviathan



I greet this day With Love in my Heart With eyes wide open To what this day brings Each moment an opportunity To create a brand new start Step into the flow Of what Grace brings This day in new A work of art A blank canvas That in Presence sings Magical moments waiting When… Continue reading WONDERFUL DAY


How To Fulfil Your New Years Resolutions…

It was time for a well deserved break. Raw chocolate and raspberry tart with Jasmin Dragon Pearls tea to the rescue and a little update on instagram or so I thought. Well no actually, we appear to have got on the blog train and there’s no time like the Present, which is what the blog… Continue reading How To Fulfil Your New Years Resolutions…


Is your life an effortless flow of Grace, or are you getting in your own way?

In my Yoga classes this week we are exploring transformation and change. As we learn to let go of that which we are not, and allow the process of change by remaining innocent and curious, our true colours get a chance to shine. Sometimes we block our own progress by focusing on limiting beliefs that… Continue reading Is your life an effortless flow of Grace, or are you getting in your own way?