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If It’s Real…

Be : Love is all just words Until it becomes action Be Love don’t prove it Truth : Love is all just words When shared no proof is needed Actions reveal Truth Feel : Love is all just words Truth is how you really feel Don’t edit to please Real : Love is all just… Continue reading If It’s Real…

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Be My Bee

I wanna be your flower So you can be my honey bee Your Love is like the sunshine Inviting my Beauty Your words they feed my soil The nourishment I need To Ascend into my fullness As Love sprouts from tiny seed I turn my face towards the light Roots anchored by your Love I… Continue reading Be My Bee

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💛 So you think your Heart is broken But your Heart can never break Its only expectations that Create a Heart that’s fake Yes, you may feel a little battered You may feel a little blue Fill all the little chips and cracks With Souls healing Golden glue Each trial makes you stronger Each split… Continue reading Kintsugi


Woman – The First

It’s not all about Eve You have all been deceived Conveniently I’ve been erased From Creations history Lilith, Lilitu, but not as Lalita Tripura Sundari She does not have to To hide In the dark And is still revered openly I AM the First And I will be the last Here, Now, for all Eternity… Continue reading Woman – The First


How To Fulfil Your New Years Resolutions…

It was time for a well deserved break. Raw chocolate and raspberry tart with Jasmin Dragon Pearls tea to the rescue and a little update on instagram or so I thought. Well no actually, we appear to have got on the blog train and there’s no time like the Present, which is what the blog… Continue reading How To Fulfil Your New Years Resolutions…

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Shine Again!

Just a note to all you lovely people that are subscribed to my blog. I had some technical difficulties transferring content when I changed platform, so having to manually add some old poems and blogs! Who knows maybe they'll remind you and me as I repost them, of forgotten Truths! ☺️ Please bear with me… Continue reading Shine Again!


Earth Angels

Angels come to Bless the Earth Igniting flames in human hearts To tend the fire of Sacred hearth Shining bright they light the path Their Wisdom guides us safely home In their presence we know we are never alone Reflecting light so we can see The BEaUty of humanity How wonderful it is to be… Continue reading Earth Angels


Divine Mother

She whispers through the willows In all nature She sings On the soft and gentle current Of butterflies wings She caresses the mountains And flows in the streams As Her Sacred song Awakens life in all things She drifts in the clouds Yet holds every stone With Her tender presence You are never alone In… Continue reading Divine Mother


Grace’s Song

There's a natural rhythm to the flow To tune in listen and let go Graces song it is so sweet Moves from your heart into your feet Dancing to her Blessed tune Eliminates the never-ending "soon" As she sings to you of everlasting "Now" Life becomes full of awe and "Wow" And every footstep becomes… Continue reading Grace’s Song