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Dragon Rider

THE RAISING OF THE ORGANIC LIGHT The other day I saw an ad on instagram. A competition to write the first chapter of a fantasy story, the first sentence being, "There weren't always Dragons in the valley." If you've been following me for a while you'll know I have a love of Dragons. How could… Continue reading Dragon Rider

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💛 So you think your Heart is broken But your Heart can never break Its only expectations that Create a Heart that’s fake Yes, you may feel a little battered You may feel a little blue Fill all the little chips and cracks With Souls healing Golden glue Each trial makes you stronger Each split… Continue reading Kintsugi

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Have You Ever Seen A Cow Cry?

On Sunday some friends and I went down to the river to drum for the waters; a global event of unified drum prayers. Immediately on entering the field I came upon the fully intact wing of a Falcon and noticed two young cows minding their own business in the upper corner. Falcon in Shamanism is… Continue reading Have You Ever Seen A Cow Cry?



Sleep my Darling Rest your weary head For the journey thus far Has been full of unrest And as you sleep I will bathe you in my Love And the Angels shall whisper To you of your beauty Gentle Soul This world seems harsh Like wading pointlessly Through boggy marsh Searching for solid ground Whilst… Continue reading Haven