Woman – The First

It’s not all about Eve You have all been deceived Conveniently I’ve been erased From Creations history Lilith, Lilitu, but not as Lalita Tripura Sundari She does not have to To hide In the dark And is still revered openly I AM the First And I will be the last Here, Now, for all Eternity… Continue reading Woman – The First


The Shadow is Not the Night…

I was listening to an album the other day, Spiritual War and the song of the same name by Fertile Ground. "Light will overcome the darkness, the Universal law has taught this, infinite Peace, infinite Bliss, infinite Light will prevail". It sparked my Muse and the need to bring some Clarity on an important distinction… Continue reading The Shadow is Not the Night…


The Dive

I fall from the sky Your hurricane Blew me off my fluffy cloud I hit the sea hard As I sink Sharks circle Attracted by my fear Heart pounding Water in my lungs I cannot scream I hurtle, blinded By the darkness My head explodes Struggle turns to surrender The ocean floor is hard My… Continue reading The Dive