How To Fulfil Your New Years Resolutions…

It was time for a well deserved break. Raw chocolate and raspberry tart with Jasmin Dragon Pearls tea to the rescue and a little update on instagram or so I thought. Well no actually, we appear to have got on the blog train and there’s no time like the Present, which is what the blog… Continue reading How To Fulfil Your New Years Resolutions…

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My First Ever Interview! I am interviewed here by the lovely Wellness/Detox Coach and Author, Faith Canter of So grab yourself a cuppa, have a listen then I'd love to hear what Self-Love means to you...


White Rabbit

Grrb...Grrb... Grumble grumble When I think of you I take a tumble Head first down The rabbit hole Blinded like a Bat or mole As I drink Your actions nectar Down I shrink Away from spectre Fortunately I have the key To open the door On little "me" White Rabbit's running Round and round Anxious… Continue reading White Rabbit

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God and Cheese

I think we Can all agree That when it comes to cheese Whether we know it as Fromage Kase, Queso or Serr It's still cheese No debating there But when it Comes to God It's a very different story Each name of God representing A different kind of Glory As man fights over Gods true… Continue reading God and Cheese