May you enjoy exploring my poems, blogs and offerings. You might like to check out my Blossom Online Yoga Studio if you’re into that sort of thing and are seeking some guidance and consistency in your Yoga and Meditation practices. I live stream classes mostly from my wide beam boat!

If you’re just here for the poems, a good one to start with is “Dancing In-betweens the I’s”, featured above. The first poem I published online, it’s had two standing ovations as a spoken word piece since. It reveals a little of my personal history with sensory challenges and resulting anxiety and panic attacks. This is why I started Yoga. I like to write directly from my own experience and my daily Spiritual practices help me to function Joyfully in a world where we are increasingly being bombarded with excessive information and sensory stimulus.

You can book live stream Yoga classes and one to one sessions with me. You can commission me to write a Poems for you or to come and perform Poems as spoken word, or run workshops (on Poetry, Yoga & Meditation or Spiritual practices) at businesses, schools, events and festivals.

As a Yoga and Meditation teacher, Shamanic practitioner, Witch and ex-Monk, exploring Spirituality and what that is and isn’t features heavily in my musings, as does exploring the human psyche. My muse is easily amused and before you label me a completely “woo-woo” new age kind of witch (I assure you Witches are not a new age phenomenon!), you might want to check out my Ode to Jeremy Clarkson.

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My writings come through the Heart for I’m a Heart on sleeve kinda lady. Poems come to me like a scent on the breeze, sometimes pleasant, sometimes profound, sometimes angsty, sometimes funny, sometimes sweet and sometimes sweary. Often they remind me that life is Sacred. I hope they will remind you of that too.

You’ll notice I capitalise certain words that to me are Sacred or uplifting in some way. I’ve always done this naturally. I’m not trying to be a poet laureate, the poems come as they do and I try not to over craft or edit them too much. Essence and Soul will always win over grammar! My muse likes to respond to things, so you can always invite me to write a poem on a specific topic and we’ll see what comes out.

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Meet Lily Pearl – My houseboat. She’s named after my two Nans.

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And most importantly…

✨Blessed Be ✨

What you love/like the most about classes:

The three classes are different. Each session starts with a Heart meditation which I now do every day. I particularly like Mondays as we journal and do muscle activation.

Any changes you’ve noticed in your body or mind:

My body is getting stronger and I am getting more confident in the poses. I am more aware of what is going on in my mind.

Any revelations:

I thought I needed to be able to see the teacher but Raye is very good at explaining what you should be doing and I am finding I don’t need to see her. It is certainly helping me to be aware of my posture.

Note: I (Raye) am visible on zoom should you need to look).

Why you would recommend people to join us:

Raye is an amazing teacher and incorporates so much wisdom into the classes.

Lynne Hatch

What do you love/like the most about classes:

The time I absolutely love.  The  7 – 8 am starts my day off perfect. I love the weave of inner work, flow, strength and your smile that lights the screen. My body feels alive and ready to take on the day.

Any changes you’ve noticed in your body/mind:

Strength, flexibility with focus and a spring in my step!


Why would you recommend people to join us: 

You were my first yoga teacher to take me under your wing on a damp winter’s eve many years ago. I was a complete novice but with your outstanding teaching, you gave me confidence and the wings to explore the wonders of our body’s strength and the inner selfSo for anyone out there wanting to grow with their yoga practice then these online classes will be right up your street. Take the plunge you won’t regret.

Simone Mcpherson