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Welcome to my poetry and blog website.

I hope through my musings and poems that you will see a little of yourSelf and laugh (sometimes maybe even cry) along with me.

The featured post on this page, Dancing in-between the I’s, was the first poem I published online. It’s also the only poem I’ve read aloud to date (although I’m contemplating more spoken word!) and it has had two standing ovations, both times with about 60 people in the room. So that one’s probably a good place to start. You can use the tag cloud or search on the “blog” page to find blogs and poems that you might like.

Being a Yoga and Meditation teacher by trade, I write a lot about Spirituality and more and more I’m writing about bringing the Divine into our daily experience, turning the mundane into Magic. But sometimes life is just mayhem too. Mayhem and chaos come from I don’t know where! However Spiritual we may think we have become it always hunts us down to keep us humble. We all have those days where we just wished we’d stayed in bed, but it’s often in these moments of mayhem that we are encouraged to step up. It’s these moments that offer us the greatest opportunity to grow, however much we may resist. I will always attempt to write honestly and authentically about my experiences, whether they be Magical, Mundane or Mayhem! Apparently sometimes I’m a bit too honest…

Sometimes I write about random things or people, like my Ode to Jeremy Clarkson. Who knows what will take the fancy of my muse on any given day. It’s often a surprise to even me! Sometimes I’ve been known to get a bit sweary if something gets my goat, but I always put a warning at the top of a blog or poem, so you don’t have to read it if swearing offends you.

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Whoever you are and whatever you do I Bless you in your infinite Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance. May everything you need come to you easily and may the world be Blessed by your Presence in it.

Blessed Be