Many people ask me if I’m actually a Witch and my answer is usually, “It depends on what your definition of a Witch is!”

Before the word “Witch” got a bad name, Magickal practitioners of all sorts were revered in many cultures all over the world. Witch is interchangeable for Wise Woman/Man. We were known as Healer, Seer, Oracle, Wise One, Shaman, Medicine Man, Medicine Woman. We were Midwifes/husbands of birth and death, walkers between the worlds. We would openly care for the journey of a Soul through its passage of time and beyond, offering rituals to mark rites of passage from child to adolescent to adult, offering Healing through our hands and Nature’s herbs, offering Prayers and Blessings for our Communities, clearing the “space”, the unseen, of malignant and convoluted energies, Magickally binding those that seek to harm the Innocent.

2008 – Celebrating Beltaine. One of Eight Sabbats that mark the Wheel of the Year

So yes, I am a Witch of the healing kind and a Shamanic Practitioner studying with Shaman Peter Aziz. My Grandad, Charlie White, was a faith healer and I’ve apparently inherited his healing hands. No I don’t wear black all the time, although I do have a black witches hat, a broomstick and a cauldron. My offerings to you through this site involve Prayers, Poems, Blessings, Yoga and Meditation, Wisdom that flows through my Heart to pen and through spoken word, Oracle and Tarot card reflections (often in rhyme), all with the aim of guiding you back to our own Soul, your own Source Of Universal Love, that which makes life Magickal.

If you’re feeling that life is far from Magickal and have lost sight of the beauty within you and around you, I hope my writings, poems and offerings open up a pathway within, that you may again rise up, blossom into your fullness and BEaUty. Life, death and rebirth happen many times through our life on many levels. Learning to meet all three with enthusiasm has been a game changer!

The Silent Revolution officially began at this years Back to the Roots Festival. My vision is to get as many people starting their day from a place of deep listening within, with their hand on their Heart!

If you’re to do one thing, I would recommend learning to Meditate on the Nature of your Self by way of your Heart and becoming part of “The Silent Revolution”. This practice is a good foundation for any other Magickal or Healing work that you embark on. Being a Presence of Love is first and foremost learning to love yourSelf, which I can tell you is an ongoing journey of Forgiveness and Compassion. A recording of this simple Meditation is coming soon to You Tube, or join any of my Yoga classes to learn. We always start with it!

For energy Healing with crystals, hands, Reiki, drums, rattles and Spirit Allies, please visit (which is currently under reconstruction so contact me in the meantime to find out more). My healing work is mainly focused on clearing and resonance. It is often reported that people look different, brighter and feel more “themselves” after a session.

To be clear I’m not interested in doing Love spells to get your ex back or helping you become a millionaire. The likelihood is, if you’re not happy now, you wouldn’t be happy long term with those things anyway. I will help you get clear on why you think you want those things and what you want. What you REALLY want!

I’m not a Medium in the sense that I don’t channel deceased relatives, so if you want to talk to your Gran then I’m not your Witch. My predominant intuition is through Clairsentience, feeling and empathy. Sometimes I have visions. Sometimes I hear healing words and phrases. I work to clear entities and miasms from auras, bodies and spaces which are getting in your way and draining your life force. I work with Crystals and Spirit Allies, my favourite being Dragons. I’ve had a Love of Dragons and Faeries since childhood, so it’s no surprise I was guided to a Shaman with a lineage of Dragon and Faery Magick!

Have you noticed the appearance of Dragons in mainstream media has been more prominent over the last few years? Like Witches, they too have been demonised. More about that in a blog at some point. I thoroughly enjoyed (and recommend watching) the movies How to Train Your Dragon 1,2 and 3!

I’m all about empowering you by clearing the way to more Clarity so you can better hear the song of your own Soul beyond all extraneous internal mind chatter and external interference. Choose more confidently your own direction as you align your Mind with your Heart through Meditation, align your body through Yoga, clear your energy field and vision through Oracle guidance, Energy Healing and Dragon Magick. I want you to experience more guiltless Joy in your everyday life, to see the light of your Soul shining out from your eyes and for you to bounce back from life’s inevitable challenges with more ease and Grace.

Flowers make great offerings and can be used alongside stones and shells for natural healing. Nature is the best medicine.

Offerings to my Spirit allies are songs, blessings, candles, herbs, teas, flowers, incense, fruit and food.. Just in case you were wondering! My offerings are an act of Appreciation for the energies that are supporting life. When we live life in reverence we become Sacred and life naturally becomes Magickal.

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May you and all beings live this life as your SOUL, free from mind control, free from emotional manipulation, in connection with your own Heart, in reverence for all beings and this beautiful and sometimes fierce planet! I invite you to go outside, to give Her your Presence, to offer your Appreciation for all that She provides.

For some Poetic inspiration on this please read Divine Mother . I’d love to know in the comments what aspects of Nature you find most beautiful..

✨Blessed Be✨