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As Above, So Below

Tarot in Rhyme 13/6/2022 and Beyond

As above so below  
As within so without  
Beautiful seeds  
You have sown  
Watch them blossom  
Have no doubt  

And feminine  
Either, or, is  
Not to win 
Black in white  
White in black  
Choose duality or unity  
No turning back  

Moon reflects  
Convoluted destinies 
 Shining light to  
Clear your dark of  
All that's compromised  
Your spark  

The lily rises  
Roots in dirt 
In the dark  
Dissolve past hurt 
It’s time to play  
Your own tune  
Forgive yourself  
Before new moon
Soon reflections  
Will become clear  
Let go of all  
Worry and fear  
See what’s real  
Beyond projection  
Remember Your Love is   
The ultimate protection  

©The Bendy Witch 

Authors Note : The top card represents what is above us, ie within our sight, the bottom card represents what is below us, what is hidden from view and what is rising up.

Deeper Reflection:

6 The Lovers On the surface this is a very positive card. The first image to leap out at me was the wreath of flowers. Love is blossoming, whether it is in relationship or someone learning to Love and integrate the masculine or feminine within themselves. The happy couple appear to be getting married, having made the choice to commit to each other in relationship.

An Angel watches over and blesses them, giving them the best possible chance of success. This card often is a precursor to a long lasting relationship. If there is no significant other and depending on the cards around it, it can relate to a choice that needs to be made from the Heart. It’s difficult to see but an image of St Francis of Assisi is in the stained glass, representing a purity and an entering into relationship or the choice with Innocent eyes.

The Fairy Tarot – Radleigh Valentine

18 The Moon We are at the time of this reading in the ripening of a full super moon which peaks tomorrow June 14th at 12.51pm BST. Known as The Strawberry Moon, in times past, it was seen as a particularly auspicious time to fall in Love or marry. This past couple of years has been particularly challenging for partnerships. Many relationships, lovers and friends alike, have not stood the test of challenging circumstances, through the differing of opinions and the forced close encounters of the lockdown kind. Many have been forced to go within and face themselves.

The Moon in the tarot speaks of exactly this type of situation, where we are asked to face what is lurking in our subconscious. Notice in the picture, the instrument in the waters reflection is different to what the lovely Faery is playing above. This can be a time of epiphanies and great insights about ones most authentic Self, the full moon enhances psychic abilities and it will purge you of emotions that you’ve been holding onto, highlighting patterns that may not be so helpful in creating the ideal relationship that the Lovers card appears to promise.

She shines light on our neuroses, asks us to weed our inner garden and to make sure that what we are presenting as on the outside, reflects the Truth of what is within. Often we do not thank her for this. When the inner Truth and the outer persona do not match, herein lies the root of many a mental health “disorder” as our illusions are broken down.

In duality, the not Self, what is true gets distorted to appear palatable, to please, or conversely someone might care deeply but for fear of loss, be very mean and controlling of the other. Very human responses to fear. Not helpful though for maintaining healthy, loving relationships.

How do we break these cycles of dysfunction? I personally am still learning! Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is a start. Being more discerning of whom we are giving our Heart to comes when we truly begin to value ourSelves. Learning to be Loving towards ourself as well as the other and to educate ourselves on what is a red flag and what is green one is most helpful! Owning our own fears and projections, then gently being willing to move beyond them will clear the way to a more authentic experience of Love, where we can Be Love as well as receive it.

So this card can be a warning to make sure you or your Lover are really showing up authentically. The Truth will likely reveal itself at this time and there is a chance to heal many a relationship wound if entered into in the spirit of the Lovers card and with the help of the Moon, “empty your cups”, have those deep conversations to dissolve old fears in the embrace of the Unity.

The Fairy Tarot – Radleigh Valentine

Summary There was a definite sense of being careful of polarisation in this reading. Things are rarely black or white. If you find yourself in verbal ping pong, stop. Step back and go within until you can both be willing to listen to the other. The key to the Lovers card is Unity and the integration of the other through understanding. Without Unity there is duality which usually ends in a battle of opposites, each trying to prove why they are right!

The natural mandala offering I created is of the infinity symbol. This came before I drew the cards and I hadn’t realised the Strawberry supermoon was upon us! You cannot see but one apple is quite old and wrinkly and the other fresh and crisp, symbolising that we must, at some point, let what is dying or dead go and at the same time enjoy the ripeness of this moment. This is a unifying of opposites. In grieving what is dead in our life we have to be careful not to kill what is still living and loving.

This dance of life is an infinite loop, we are constantly having to release our grip to let the old rest in peace so we can allow the new in. If we don’t let go, clean our dark (to quote the poem), it is very difficult to create anything new, only the same because we are seeing through the old filter. We have infinite chances to try again, to create healthier, more loving relationships, but each must be willing to behold the other as our deepest fears and past hurts arise, which they will, over and over again, until we face and dissolve them.

Trusting in our own Love opens the door to clear boundaries, clearer communication and means we will not compromise our own wellbeing and mental health for the sake of pleasing the other. This may also be a time where Truths are generally being revealed, things that have been hidden from public view in the wider world may soon be known, which may call for choices and the need for forgiveness.

I hope the reading has given you some things to reflect upon. Please do share with me any insights you may have in the comments. Soon I’ll be doing personal readings again. Please contact me if you’d like to know more.

Blessed Be Divine Lovers!

Natural Mandala

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