Love Comes Knocking

Knock Knock…
“Who’s there?”
”It’s Me, your dearest friend”
“Who are you?”
”I AM Love”

“Mmm…Love you say?
You’re not my friend
No….Go away!
Love hurts
Love is pain
Love will leave me alone one day
Love is suffering
And love is yearning
Eventually I’ll pay
For letting love in
To my life

”No,”” Says Love
”That is not Me
I AM Joy
I AM Peace
I AM abundantly free
What you see
Is the illusion of Me
A vision that you preconceived
All the pain you have received
Has been through
A lack of

“But Love…
My heart is broken
Many words of love I have spoken
They were all rejected
And now I feel neglected
Like nothing mattered
My heart is shattered into
A thousand tiny

And Love replies
Softly, as this man cries
In vain, as yet he cannot see
Past his own

“That which shattered
Was not your heart
Only expectation blown apart
A thought of love
To which you attached
And through your mind
You chose a match
Or maybe you chose
With your loins
A desire so strong
That binds and joins
Two people in intensity
But that is not Love
And that is not

“So then, Love
How do I let you in?
Please share with me how to begin
As I really haven’t got a clue
About this kind of Love
You say is

“All that’s needed
For you to begin
Is to realise that I live within
Your heart and not
Outside your being
It’s all about how you are seeing
The world, you can
Choose Love or fear
See through my eyes
All will be clear
And in me you will see
That Love is

The man he sits
Scratching his beard
“So what you’re saying is
Love’s not to be feared
That you are already in my heart
And when I lose sight of this
I feel split apart
So to let you in
I need to let you out?
It’s all quite confusing
But I’ll work it out!
One thing is for sure
There is no doubt
That I have never truly
Known you

“To know Me
Is oneself to know
In time this awareness
Will blossom and grow
And yes there will be
Times you forget
There will be times
That you have regret
But your Love seed has been activated
For now your fears
Have been placated
Set your inner compass to Me
And through Grace
You will come to see
That I AM you
And all you need to “do”
Is to Be that which
You already are…

The man he sits
Alone for a while
Hand on his heart
Soon he smiles
For he asks the question “Who AM I?”
His heart gently speaks the reply
“I AM Love”
And he knows
That this is

© The Bendy Witch

2 thoughts on “Love Comes Knocking”

    1. Thanks Ian…I seem to have a backlog! Years of suppressed creativity has been perculating and now the lid is off it’s the equivalent to one big caffiene hit… and I am totally banned from drinking coffee in our house 😉 x

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