Divorcee’s Shame

Oh don’t I look pretty
All wrapped up in bows
All sparkly and shiny
From my head to my toes
Surely someone will love me
Surely someone will say
“You look so beautiful
I want to take you away!”

But then they’ll unwrap me
One layer at a time
They’ll peel off my sparkles
And make it a crime
They’ll find out I’m a fake
That I’m really a fraud
I’m already guilty
In the eyes of the Lord

If they get to my bra
I’ll be praying like mad
That my boobs look all perky
Not saggy and sad
As I take off my make-up
There’ll be sick in my throat
This is all a bit much
Where the f*ck is my coat!

I call up my bestie
We meet up for tea
I tell her my story
And she says to me
“If you want to be loved
Then you’ve got to Be you
Not a sad empty shell
In Chanel shades and shoes

The right man will Love you
When you let him see
The truth that is You
Whom you show to me!
I Love you whatever
Even when you forget
You’re the loveliest person
That I ever met

Stop hiding your light
Behind all of these labels
And layers of make-up
Now let’s turn the tables
These things are not bad
In their right perspective
Not used as a disguise
Cos’ you think you’re defective

My beautiful friend
Be seen in all your glory
And your Love life will tell
A completely new story
Go into your heart
Shine from within
Trust in yourself
Let a new chapter begin”

“How lucky”, I think
To have such a good friend
Although part of me thinks that
She’s gone round the bend
But something’s awakened
Deep, deep down inside
A Love for myself
I can no longer hide

There’s a tap on my shoulder
Oh my God, it’s a man!
No, not time for a hot flush
Someone give me a fan
He pulls up a chair
“Can we chat for a while?
I couldn’t help but be drawn
To your beautiful smile”…

I cannot tell you where this came from, lol…I had jotted down a cartoon sketch that appeared in my head whilst cycling round Stewartby lake this morning, before I forgot it and a few other poem ideas that have been brewing…one of them called “You Give Yourself Away”, (a quite serious maybe even non rhyming poem!), then the first verse of this one came into my head and I had to stop and write it there and then! Its given me the giggles this morning already and my Mum, so hopefully you will find it amusing too. Apologies for the swearing but it seems appropriate and to fit quite well!!

Have a BEaUtiful day…and may you always remember that you are Love 🙂

Bright Blessings

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

4 thoughts on “Divorcee’s Shame”

  1. Definitely shining your light gorgeous. Can’t wait to read more. Sending you love and light xx

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