Be LOVE’s Star

LOVE needs no defences
No impenetrable walls
No conditions or reasons
It needs nothing at ALL

So Bless your button pressers
That one day they may
Take off their armour
And put their weapons away

Let LOVE be your guide
Let TRUTH be your voice
LOVE can’t be hurt
It can only rejoice

To the ego’s defences
It can feel like a bomb
As it shatters illusion
And ignorances song

LOVE’s not to be searched for
It can’t be lost or found
Try to find, you left it
As you search all around

In the eye of the storm
In the heart of all Man
In the sound that carries
The Presence, “I AM”

That’s where LOVE is
Right here where you are
You don’t need to move
Your attention that far

You are made of the Stars
And Stars are meant to shine
So BE who you are
You are LOVE’s Star
NOW Shine!

©The Bendy Witch


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