Know Your POWER

I’m gonna cut straight to the point.

Your Power does not come from your thoughts and beliefs.

I can see how you might think it appears that way…

When the flames of perceived injustice are ignited it is all too easy to associate the strong feelings you experience as you.

When you thought you were right and things didn’t go your way…
When your beliefs are not agreed with…
When you believe you have been deceived…

These all are kindling for the fire laced with petroleum!

We all know a fire out of control is a hazard.
It burns, it ravages, it can scar for life.

If you believe you are your beliefs then every time you have a disagreement with somebody, you have the potential to become a raging inferno, to burn those you love, to cause irreparable damage to your relationships.

Your beliefs are made up of your past experiences and often other peoples opinions and beliefs that you bought in to. They are generally made of limited, often mis-information. This applies to everyone. Have Compassion.

Your future fears are also based on your past experiences, what you’ve been told and what you’ve been sold… All the millions and squillions pieces of data you are being fed consciously and unconsciously through media, marketing and spin are buzzing around your subconscious waiting for an association to be triggered.

It is important to remember that this is all just information being flagged up.
You don’t think it…You are not in control of what gets flagged up…Most of it you certainly wouldn’t choose! It’s not you unless you choose to claim it.
Even then it’s not you…you only think it is.

What you experienced in the past is not happening Now.
What you fear will happen in the future is not happening Now.
You say you want Unity. You say you want Peace.
Yet the only time Peace can be present is Now.
Your Power exists Now.

Your Power is infinite, wise, loving and it wants the best for everyone.
Deep inside yourself you know this is the Truth.
If it wasn’t then guilt wouldn’t exist…yet guilt only exists when we don’t live as Truth.

If you find yourself clinging onto the pendulum as it swings back and forth from imagined Peace to wrathful rings of fire…let go! The only thing that will burn is the ignorance that is the faulty identification that you are your thoughts and beliefs.

Your true Power lies in your Heart, the hearth, the home of your Being.
The flame of your Power is tempered by Wisdom that can only exist Now.

We are all learning, we have all been lied to, we have all lied knowingly or unknowingly. Only when Humility and Forgiveness hold hands can new beginnings take root and new ways of Being emerge.

Know who You are.
Know your Heart.
Know your Power.

If you need to…apologise. To yourself or another…
If it’s not received you did your best. You tried.
Have Compassion.
Let go of the pendulum.

Don’t kill your friendships over a belief, especially one based on fear.
Know you are so much more.
Don’t burn your bridges…
Speak your Truth, not your beliefs.
Share your feelings but don’t cling to them.
Let go of the pendulum.

Focus on what’s real.
Be here Now.
Make Peace your priority Now.
Show up Now.

Your family, your friends, your loved ones need you.
They need your Heart, not your fear.
They need your strength and stability that exists at your core.
They need you to know your Power so they can know theirs.

Those that win and lose never truly know Power.
The pendulum is always swinging.
Dictators rise and fall.
Truth is always revealed in the end.

May you live the Truth of your Heart Now.
May you see through the veil of ignorance.
May you hold your flame steady.
May you always choose Love.

Bright Blessings to ALL.

©The Bendy Witch

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