The Red Balloon

It’s a moody looking day today. I love how the greyness accentuates my red balloon and the slither of orange that is the rising Sun.

Red and orange are the colours of the root and sacral chakras from where passion and creativity arise. I bought the red balloon to remind me of my passion, to remind me to write, to remind of stories and Poems unwritten waiting for me to set them free.

I notice how I use social media to practice writing… little snippets escape it seems to keep me in the flow. I’ll post poems on Instagram but then forget to add them to website. I’ll often let them go on social media and completely forget I’ve written them!

My poems are really all red Ballons.. I know not where they’ll land or how far afield they’ll reach, who’s Hearts they’ll open or who’s limitations they may burst.

The red ballon is reminder to keep letting them go, however uncomfortable it sometimes is, because as much as I may call them my poems, they are not of me and they belong to everyone who can relate to them.

This year I want to speak them more. I’ve witnessed the power of spoken word and performance Poetry yet I don’t really see myself as a performer. I just stand on stage and read! It feels like the time to move beyond that limitation, to see how the words want to not just flow through pen to paper but through my whole body. Its time to shatter the glass bubble and learn how to really connect with world. It’s time to create Poetry in Motion.

I’m gonna have to memorise the Poems to some degree if I want to get my body involved. My mind likes tell me I have a bad memory but that’s not exactly true. As a Monk I had to learn verses and verses of Sanskrit for a thanksgiving prayer. If I can memorise that I’m sure I can memorise pretty much anything! Like learning any art form, it’s just gonna take commitment, a little time, Patience and practice.

I’ll stay curious and open as to what this year brings. Now I have a home, a foundation from which to build, I’m hoping it will get easier to be more disciplined with my writing and performing and that maybe a book will be birthed as I often get asked after performances if I’m published.

With the executive functioning challenges I sometimes experience, knowing how and where to start with such things is often a challenge for me but I’m learning to reach out and ask for help. On those days where I struggle I’ll phone my Mum or a friend and say, “If you wanted to do this Mum, where would you start?”. Otherwise I’m staring at a list for ages not being able put it in order because there’s too many variables.

With strategies and supportive family and friends, and my Meditation practice which supports me internally, life is getting so much easier and as I become more okay with my little challenges I find everyone else is too. Remember this year to ask for help if you need it.

Last year was incredible on the Poetry front with some wonderful opportunities to share that all started there with the encouragement of the guys at Scribal Gathering. I met the amazing Tre Ventour, whom I adore, and so appreciate his encouragement, not just towards me, but all poets with a voice. I met Kezzabelle Ambler, a seasoned performer and such an inspiration, now a good friend and I attend her Weaving Words workshops whenever possible. Through her recommendation I performed at my first festival.

So this year I’ll be continuing to show up at Scribal Gathering in Stony Stratford. It’s the perfect place to practice. I love hanging out with everyone there and being inspired by other artists. Oh.. and I’ve put in an application for Stony Stratfords Bardic Trials. Waiting to see if I get through. I’ll keep you posted.

Keep moving beyond those self created boundaries my friends, one step at a time. Enjoy manifesting you’re dreams. Blessed Be


P.S. If you’re interested in Yoga and Meditation head over to my other website New class starts Wednesday 8/1/20 at Box End Park, Bedfordshire.

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