Show us the way
 Deep in the forest
 Back to our wild
 Teach us to hunt
 Our own demons
 Not each other
 Returning to 
 The Innocence 
 Bestowed upon us 
 Before our aim was
 Distorted by greed 
 And the accumulation 
 Of wealth

 Let your gaze
 In purity untainted
 Set your arrows of
 Clear intentions
 On a course
 Of Freedom
 To pierce the 
 Hearts of Man 
 That we may 
 Our own Strength
 Our own Courage
 And the thrill of
 A natural life

 May your bow
 Become our body
 Strong yet supple
 Willing to bend
 Towards realisation
 May our Hearts
 Be willing to receive
 The sting of your Truth
 The point of Life that 
 Rests at the tip
 Of your arrow

 You are not afraid
 To slay that which
 Is not in integrity
 And you do not 
 Seek vengeance or
 Accumulate pride
 In your eyes rests 
 The humility of
 A thousand stars as
 Under your protection
 The young rest easy 
 In sweet slumber

 In your smile the
 Creatures of the 
 Forest pause 
 In recognition 
 Of the Stillness 
 Within us all
 The Cypress bows 
 In your Appreciation 
 Of the Sacredness 
 Of Life.. and Death 
 The plant Spirits sing
 In your Presence
 Gladly offering you
 Their knowledge to
 Heal the weak and
 Ease the pain
 Of the lame

 Thunder and storm 
 Do not phase you
 Lightening serves
 To quicken your mind
 Clarity is your domain
 As you bathe in the
 Elements four
 Bow poised with
 Grace and elegance
 You stand steady
 Naked in the rain
 No need for guile
 Only the Wisdom
 To give your Heart
 To life and take only
 Whats needed

 Bless us this day
 In your Truth
 Let us see not 
 With our eyes but
 With your knowingness
 Deep in our Hearts
 Lend us your Bravery
 To stand against those
 That would threaten 
 The very fabric of
 Humanity and the 
 Sanctity of what it
 Means to live a
 Simple Human life.

 Show us how to
 Restore the balance
 To live again 
 Free in our own
 To once again 
 Become you as
 A perfect Harmony 
 Resonating in tune
 With Nature

 Blessed Be
 ©️The Bendy Witch


Muse: This poem was born from a writing prompt given at Kezzabelle Ambler’s Weaving Words workshop. We were shown an illustration from the book The Archer by Paulo Coelho and it reminded me of the featured photo (of me) I called, “Playing Artemis”.

It’s a Prayer and a Blessing.. Someone on the workshop said it was like a Pagan sermon! It works really well as spoken word so keep an eye out for that on IGTV @thebendywitch

If you are a writer or poet in need of some inspiration and you would love to connect with a supportive and encouraging writing community, check out Kezzabelle’s online Weaving Words workshops.

If you have enjoyed this poem please help me spread the word by liking, sharing and commenting. It helps a lot.

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2 thoughts on “Artemis”

  1. Wow Beyond Words Rachel X

    The Magic you’ve channelled is deeply profound and moving to the core, What a Gift!

    Will send yo my muma and take this words as a prayer into my dream time.

    So much Love, Awe and Gratitude.

    May this blessing you’ve brought through go out far and wide!

    Sara SisTar ☆♡☆

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