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You Are Not Alone

I wonder if this lovely yellow lily ever feels alone? Only seeing the big green leaves around her, thinking she is so different and the leaves will never understand what it’s like to blossom in the way that she does or see what she sees.

I wonder if she ever forgets that although they are big and green and flat and that she is small and yellow and round, that they are both connected to the same root; that they both emerged from the mysterious deep; destined to reveal their own unique expression of beauty and to fulfil their own unique role in this world.

I wonder if, on the ascent upwards through the murky waters she felt the fear of not knowing what lies ahead, or if she inherently trusted the beam of light; piercing through the darkness; beckoning her to rise.

I wonder if a larger, looming leaf had attempted to push her back down; by accident or on purpose in panic, not realising there is enough space in the river for all of Mother Mystery’s creations and if she too caught the fear as if by osmosis.

I wonder if when she finally emerged, instead of resting back in relief, she looked upon the other leaves around her and assumed they were all her enemies, when actually they were doing their best to support her, protect her, encourage her to do what she does best; to blossom and shine and bring smiles to onlooking faces, reminding them of the Magic and the Mystery of creation.

I wonder if she then lowered her eyes, not feeling worthy of taking up her space in the river, feeling that she does not have the right to shine, not able to see Now, in the not too far distance there are many more like her, some with their eyes lowered, others shining radiantly, recognising a glimpse of themselves in another; looking out not down; not believing in the illusory reflection of the waters beneath that are constantly changing with the winds and the mood of the river.

I wonder if she were to look up, would she gaze in wonder at the Human Beings gazing upon her, seeing the Sun in our eyes; the same light that called her forth as we rest; if only briefly in the moment, in the fullness of our attention, in appreciation of her beauty and the Miracle of life.

I wonder if we all looked beyond the ripples and gazed upon each other in loving Reverence, what kind of world we would create.

It’s not too late you know, to rest your gaze behind the ripples; to sink back beyond any fears into the deep well of Wisdom that lies within. Trust her call, that silent voice of knowing that arises from your depths for it comes from the very Source of your creation.

Let Wisdom rise, just like the Lily that knows she has a place in this world, that knows she is worthy simply because she exists.

It’s time to look up. It’s time to speak up. You are not alone.

If you’re feeling like something is a miss and that voice deep within KNOWS there is more than the distracting ripples you are seeing on the surface of the river, know that like the Lily, contrary to the reflections in the water, you are most certainly not alone.

You might want to check out another (.uk) flower being The White Rose.

Blessed Be.


©The Bendy Witch

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