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Primordial One
Wild and Free
Dragon of deep waters
You cannot tame me
For I will always
Find a way to flow
There’s no other way
It has to be so

I am the first
I will be the last
Deny my grief and
You’ll drown fast
Suppress me, you’ll
Feel God’s wrath
Flow with me, you’ll
Find God’s path

God’s Love alone
Can heal my pain
That comes from grief
Of those been slain
Of those that left
Of loved ones lost
Denying me
This is the cost

A force of Nature
My Power is raw
Safe in Hearts
Who know there’s more
Who’s eye is still
Within the storm
Who see beyond
All shape and form

In my waters
Offer your pride
Let power return
Let anger subside
Let my tears
Wash you clean
Let me grieve
Let me be seen

©️The Bendy Witch

This was my attempt at a water colour Water Dragon after not painting for a very long time! I nearly didn’t post it.. He’s not as gnarly as my mind would have liked.. That may well be the whole point though, of this post 😉

Authors Note: I got rather curious about Leviathan and decided to investigate further…

The poem Leviathan came after an internal enquiry relating to a certain energy I sense in people struggling with grief and the shadow of pride that comes with not being able to, or not knowing how to forgive. I received the name Leviathan in Meditation and asked my Shamanic teacher Peter, had he heard of him. He told me Leviathan was a Dragon of deep waters, a raw, primordial power and if one encounters him, to let him wash over you and welcome him without resistance. Peter is always encouraging his students to “Welcome ALL your feelings with enthusiasm”, the good, the bad and the ugly. They are after all, all arising, from the same Source. Letting them wash over you, washes the body clean. When you deep clean and allow the “Dragon” to flow, miraculous changes can occur in the physical body as you free up your blocked energy. Shamanic healing works to predominantly heal/free the inner Spirit first which then affects the outer body.

On further investigation, Leviathan is mentioned in many religions and is indeed a Dragon of deep waters. Leviathan has become a common term for any sea monster. Water and the sea are often likened to human emotions, unpredictable and changeable. Many humans aren’t comfortable with their emotions and have been conditioned from an early age to either suppress, bypass or endlessly recycle them. In this day and age, many people appear to demonise emotions due to fear that the more challenging ones, such as grief, fear and anger will consume them like a sea monster! Suppressing emotions, as I’m sure you have experienced at some time in your life, is a short term solution. Water will always find a way to flow. It is in the suppressing and fear of emotions that they become unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Water in its flowing state is far from wishy washy. If it can’t go round it will pound for as long as it takes to create a passage through. The waterfall at St Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall is a perfect example of this. Anger and grief are no different. If you let them build up then at some point a tidal wave is going to hit you, and possibly some poor person that has triggered you. Have you ever noticed that when you are suppressing anger, often you will attract precisely the person who is capable of unleashing the “Dragon”. Energy wants to flow, however we label it! So what then gets in the way of you feeling your emotions in the moment? Is it your pride and not wanting to be seen as weak? If crying is seen as weak, why are so many afraid of tears? Maybe you believe that if you let a grievance go and forgive, that you are somehow condoning a certain undesirable behaviour, whether it be in another or oneSelf? Suppression causes many a wo/man to become what s/he despises. I have witnessed this many times.

When the Old Testament was translated into Greek Leviathan apparently meant “Dragon.” As some of you who follow my writings already know, I have a bit of a special interest in, and love of Dragons, which is what, rather synchronistically led me to study with Peter. He teaches that Dragons are indeed the first step down from God in the act of creation and therefore represent immense Power. I see them as the subtle and raw power that underlies all manifestation. Peter always jokes that Dragons don’t like being told what to do. Do any of us really? 

A common image in Britains Churches

Humans have a long history of trying to control Dragon energy. There’s many an image of Dragon’s being slain, particularly in church stained glass windows! Churches are are built on ley lines, also know as Dragon lines. Our Pagan ancestors revered these power spots in Nature and it is said that happy Dragons equal happy healthy people and communities. By plonking churches on them, peoples ability to directly connect with the underlying Earth Dragons and the healing energy that they bring to us, is thwarted. In China today, much of the architecture is still built with Dragons in mind, such as spaces built into high rise buildings for the Air Dragons to fly through.

There are many myths and legends surrounding Leviathan. Some say Leviathan and Tiamut, a female primordial water Dragon, are the same being, but according to one legend, God created a male and female Leviathan, then “killed the female and salted it for the righteous, for if the Leviathans were to procreate the world could not stand before them”. In another legend the God Marduk does indeed slay Tiamut, and uses her body to create the land and the sky. In the book of Job it says of Leviathan, “His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal… His heart is as firm as a stone…The arrow cannot make him flee: slingstones are turned with him into stubble….He maketh the deep to boil like a pot….he is a king over all the children of pride.” It seems to me that Leviathan, not surprisingly, got a bit pissed off at God for killing his Beloved Tiamut. 

Interestingly there are also references that say God created the Leviathan to play with, which would indicate that his original Nature is not fierce. In the Zohar, the Leviathan is said to be a metaphor for Enlightenment and it remarks that the legend of “the righteous eating the skin of the Leviathan” at the end of the days is not literal, and merely a metaphor for Enlightenment. It also specifies in detail that the Leviathan has a mate and that the body of the Leviathan, especially his eyes, possesses great illuminating power, a visible sign of the state of Enlightenment.

What I have come to learn in my own experience is forgiveness sets ME free. To forgive is to forward give. To give away. To give the grievance up to a higher power that is beyond any sense of “me”. It’s not about giving in. It will never condone or change poor behaviour but forgiving frees us and others up to make healthier choices Now and in the future. It allows us to live again, to rise up from the deep to take a breath and again be aware of more than what was consuming or blocking us. 

Our emotions are energy in motion, unless we suppress them. Constant suppression can lead to depression and seriously affect our mental wellbeing. Learning to forgive brings us back to the Now and lets life flow through us again. The willingness to make Now more important than the past is an act of bravery. Learning to be Still while we allow our emotions to wash over us instead of suppressing, bypassing or getting carried away by them takes practice. If you have experienced a trauma and have PTSD, this act of giving away may be something you have to keep doing. You may need external support in the form of a therapist or understanding friend who can guide you back when the body remembers what was at the time a very real threat. Over time with the right support we can learn to change our relationship with our emotions and allow Leviathan to again play in the ocean of life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little investigation into Leviathan as much as I have and that it has given you an opportunity to reflect on how you experience your own emotions. I hope you will never again be afraid of your tears and that you find healthy ways to grieve, with support if necessary, so you can again experience more fullness and Joy in your life. In the lockdown, you may well have felt like a chained Dragon, powerless, as to what you could and couldn’t give your energy to. I encourage you to actively welcome any emotions you’ve suppressed in the last year. Allow yourSelf to feel the discomfort, like Peter says, Be Still and let it wash over you.. Then it will be gone and you will be Free to choose what you give your energy to. Choose wisely.

I surmise that you are in fact an immensely powerful being, all of us are, and that is precisely why we are at every turn being enticed into a way of life that cuts us off from that which our bodies are a part of. Nature. I’m with Hiccup (How to Train Your dragon) all the way! Your personal Dragons are not to be slain, suppressed or denied. If you allow them, they can become your greatest allies, teachers that reveal to you a Wisdom that flows far deeper than the surface layer of the mind. Dragons reconnect you not only with the power of your own Consciousness but this beautiful planet called Earth. Earth is an anagram of Heart. Put your hand on your Heart often and stay connected to your Humanity.

Recently I found out that there is a Disney film out soon called Raya and the Dragon! It’s about using the last of the Dragon Magick to save humanity. I’m obviously very excited about that! Here’s a link to the trailer.

If you are interested in experiencing Dragon Magick in the form of some Shamanic healing, or online Yoga and Meditation,  please check out my business website Check out the free stuff too. Livestream Yoga classes begin again 1st June. Maybe see you in zoom room soon.

Blessed Be.

Raye x

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