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Dancing In Between the I’s

Dancing in between the I’s
It really is of no surprise
When you learn the steps, whether quick or slow
Occasionally you may trip over your toes
And as you “fall” from loving Grace
Landing hard flat on your face
You begin to contemplate your pain
Bewildered, “How did I get here again?”
As you’re shouting, “Why, oh Why?”
Along comes little “i”.

“See….I told you so!”
Little I begins to crow
“Its all for your own good you see..
Did you really think you could be free?
Did you really think you could Be without me?
Be free of this pain and poverty?”
At this stage you may hyperventilate
Amidst the monologue of hate,
The negativity, judgement and the fear
That tears apart all you hold dear
Blaming all and sundry for your woes
Little “i” casts a veil over all you Know

To stop the voice you may hold your breath
And some may even wish for death…
But in that pause, that tiny space
Reaches in the hand of Grace…
“Breathe…Relax….You didn’t fall
I never really left at all
You only briefly lost sight of me
All you need is to Believe
That I am you and you are me
Remember this and you will see
The BEaUty that you already are
You really are a shining Star.”
Perplexed you ask, “ How can this Be?”
One minute I am the universe
The next little me?”

To this heartfelt plea, Grace replies
With Love, Compassion, words so Wise
“To avoid a “fall”, please take care
This really means just be aware
Be mindful of the steps you dance
Or you’ll end up in hypnotic trance
Forgive yourself when fears arise
Then inner peace will be your prize
And when you miss your mark in “sin”
Find clarity of where to begin
Make you stops into starts
By tuning in to your BEaUtiful hearts
Truth and Authenticity
Will bring you to Integrity
Remember you are always Blessed
And that this life is not a test
I Love you for eternity
So Live…And experience
Joy in Me”

This poem came to me last week, during an anxiety attack and midway through a Coaching Success program with Dr Robert Holden.

My poetry has, up until now, remained hidden! For years I have written my poetry in the back of books in case anyone should randomly open my notepads and stumble across it, but through my experiences on the program I was able to overcome my fear and blocks to writing and most of all reading my work out loud to an audience.

Based on the standing ovation I received after reading this out and promising 65 people that I would publish it on the web…I thought I’d better share it!

I hope you enjoy it as much as they did and I thank every single one of the people present for creating a safe space in which I could finally express my Love through the written (and now spoken!) word.

Wishing you all a Blessed Summer Solstice

©The Bendy Witch

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