Little Self Know Who You Are… A Message From Grace

Little self
Know who you are
You have a very special role
The palette
With which I paint
The beauty of your Soul
Give me all your colours
The dark ones and the bright
Give me all your fears
And I will turn them into light
Love your personality
Be your birthright
Let me paint your BEaUty
On this canvas that is Life

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

This poem also came to me at Success Coaching with Robert Holden. The question, “What is the purpose of the ego/personality?” kept coming up and the general feeling through the conversations had been that it was generally a bit of a pain in the bum! I started to contemplate the question and this statement originally appeared in my mind, which I quickly wrote down in my notepad and put a square round it to draw my attention back to it:

“The personality is the palette that the Divine uses to paint on the canvas of life. Denying the personality is equally as disempowering as giving it all of your power. Love your personality!”

As the question kept appearing through conversations, I kept looking back to the original statement and then the poem came into Being. This ties very much in with the key message of Success Coaching which is Be more YOU 🙂

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