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The Cow and The Rocket

Cynthia is a Friesian cow
Who shares a field with Harriet the sow

The blackbirds sing their song in “tweet”
While the farmer comes to milk her teats

Cynthia rolls her eyes to the sky
“There must be more to life”, she sighs

Along comes Jack the farmers son
She smiles as she knows Jack means fun

Jack dances around and sings a song
Knocks over the bucket and knows he’s done wrong

His father shouts and off Jack runs
Back to the farmhouse for some tea and buns

Cynthia sees something fall from his pocket
“What is it”, she wonders…It’s a picture of a rocket!

The rocket is big and shiny and red
She can’t get the image out of her head

And as the day turns to night
The moon and stars are shining bright

She drifts to sleep and dreams a dream
She’s in the rocket, how real it seems

Up in the stars flying through the milky way
Earth now seems so far away

Travelling near the speed of light
She whizzes around all through the night

Harriet wakes her, “Its nearly noon!”
Cynthia smiles knowing…she was the cow that flew over the moon.

© The Bendy Witch

I found this poem in one of my old note pads! Mum and my daughters Alia and Aimee had gone to stay at Mum’s pad in Spain for my 40th birthday. I was feeling the urge to write but had not written for so long I didn’t know where to start so I asked for a challenge.

Alia wanted a poem about a cow and a rocket, so I somehow obliged! My eyes initially rolled at the challengethinking she could’ve broken me in gently with something easy, but when I stopped thinking about it and where to even start, in that quiet space it just came, pretty much complete!

I ended up reading it out to all the kids around the pool and would love to see it one day as an illustrated kids book 🙂

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