Rest In Peace

Why wait
Until you are ash or bone
Your body decomposing
In an exquisitely crafted
Wooden box to
Rest in Peace

Why wait
For fate’s scythe
To cut the cord of Life
Whether in old age
Or in your prime to review the
Beauty in your Life

Why wait
Until he or she is
Justly punished by
Whatever means your mind
Has deemed necessary to
Live your Truth

Why wait
Life is precious
A gift of presence
Open to you if you will
Only allow yourself to
Remove the wrapping

Why wait
To Be You
To Live authentically as the
Loving, Peaceful presence you
Want to see in this world and
Forgot you already are

Why wait
For the external world
To validate your existence
Vulnerable to every judgement
That dictates whether or not
You are truly Lovable

Why not
Stop the questioning
And wholeheartedly declare
In the face of devils and Angels
Without exception
I AM Love

Why not
Allow yourself to fully feel
Embracing all your emotions
Trusting that your Love
Is big enough, vast enough
To heal all pain

Why not
Choose to Live
Your life as Love resting
In the presence of Peace
Whatever is present right Now
In this moment

Why not
See through Love’s eyes
Knowing you are here
On this Earth, not to suffer
But to experience and share
Your own Beauty

Why wait
And regret that you
Chose fear over Love
Imprisoned by your minds
Stubborn belief that you
Are not enough

Why not
Let your Love pierce
The veil of illusion weaved
By a restless mind that thinks
Too much and prophesies
Peace is to be found

Why not
Let go of everything that
You think you know about
Peace, gently awakening and
Expanding your awareness to know
Peace is already here

Why wait
To die

Why not
Live resting in Peace

©️The Bendy Witch

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