The Hallowed Wind

She blows
Wind of the West
Her underskirts billowing
She screams of unrest
Carrying tattered dreams
Innocent’s screams
Across vast oceans
And trickling streams
To all that will hear
Her pleading cries
As she carries
The lost souls of
Her precious

She whispers
Be still…In the
Eye of the storm
Honour Her will
Pray for those
Lost of Hope
That they may

Set them free
With heart wide open
Lest the fiery hells
Of anger and vengeance
Eat your smouldering skin
Temper raging flames
In Her Love,
Leaving behind
The transient
As you move with
Grace into stillness
Where Peace reigns
Eternally and they may
Return to Source
Knowing they are

I send Love
From my heart
Out to the world
To ALL sentient Beings
Including my enemies
In all universes
And all dimensions
Through the whole of time

I praise Her
For the perfection
That is Present
Yet we cannot see
And for a time when
The wind will carry
Nothing but our
Beautiful prayers
In triumphant symphony
As She sing to us
The Sacredness
Of life

© The Bendy Witch

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