Is your life an effortless flow of Grace, or are you getting in your own way?

In my Yoga classes this week we are exploring transformation and change. As we learn to let go of that which we are not, and allow the process of change by remaining innocent and curious, our true colours get a chance to shine. Sometimes we block our own progress by focusing on limiting beliefs that things have to be done a certain way.

Yoga is all about making space. It is this very space that we need awareness of in order for us to transform and grow. Every time we visit our mats we need to approach our practice through the eyes of innocence and honour how are bodies are responding in this moment. If we “think” we are going to meet resistance (future tripping), whether on our mats or in our lives because of how difficult the pose was last week, or because of how someone previously behaved, or because of how something similar happened before (past tripping), we literally close the door on any other potential outcome that is present in the “Now”.

When we do this, we are not only making hard work of our practice or a situation, but also focusing our attention on what we don’t want, not what we actually want.
Usually we want things to be easier, we want to feel more Freedom and Peace in our bodies and minds. By giving ourselves a break, making things a little easier in our practice by allowing support in the form of props or people, we are then focusing on what we want, we are acting in ease, our body releases making space and then we can move, if we choose, into that space.

Here are some useful enquiries around transformation and change:

How are your beliefs limiting you or another today?

How can you make more space in your life to step into, to grow, to expand?

Often we want others to change and yet are we giving them the space to do so?

Are our beliefs about others and who we think they are actually binding them?

How can we hold a loving space for ourselves and others to step into?

Practice ease everyday. Begin to notice where you are struggling and rushing through your postures or your day. Set a moment every morning to tune in and set your inner dial to ease. By doing this you will be giving your friends and family a huge gift, as not only do you take the pressure off yourself but them also.

Know that any thoughts and beliefs that arise in conflict are just smoke arising from the fire of transformation. Practice moving your attention away from them but don’t try to stop them or you will give yourself away and drift off your path with the smoke! If ease is what you want focus on ease, move in a relaxed way. The only thing stopping you from experiencing ease right know is your own thoughts, opinions, beliefs and judgements.

Choose ease “Now”…right now! Not in 10 minutes when the washing up is done…or when you’ve accomplished this or that. Ease is a daily practice, not a destination and it is available to you now. So take a big breath in…a big sigh out..let go….Ah…stay present and allow your day be effortless.

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