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Why Our Demons Are Just Farts Of Our Mind…

Our own personal demons, those special thoughts and imaginings that haunt us, seem very real but they are merely the farts of ours minds. You know, like the really bad ones that arise unnoticed in silence and clear a room, or the ones that you hope will be a sweet, unfragranced and unnoticed puff, but which emerge with an orchestra of tuba and trumpet, forcing shame upon you as you deny the parts of yourself that you deem dirty and smelly. The truth is that life be a dirty and messy business, yet we don’t want to get our hands dirty. We want our harvest to grow without any manure in the soil. Just like farts, if we let them be…let them go… our demon thoughts, even if they appear to have taken on a life and form of their own, disperse back into nothingness. Unconscious thoughts arise as the nervous system releases Stress in the body and just like our bodily farts, this is very normal. They only have power over us if we attach our attention to them and when we do this they seem very real.

Imagine this…You captured and collected all your smelly farts in a bottle till they could be contained no more. They are effectively all the same negative thought or belief that with every guff just gets bigger and bigger and smellier. You may have collected a few bottles, all with different labels. Not wanting to let them go (after all they are your fart babies) you create a space suit for them that stops them dispersing, you give them a name and and paint a face on them (which becomes a pretty scary pissed off face because they just want to be set free) and then you make them into a puppet while you are become the ventriloquist. You do this so often that you forget that it is you doing the talking. 

Your puppets are by now suffocating in their suits (imagine being stuck in a lift with a fart that can’t disperse!) and the face you gave them is distorting and looking rather demon like. This becomes scary so you put your puppets in a box, pretend they are not there, but all the while you keep silently farting into the box. You unconsciously feed your puppet fart babies with more fart power until they become all inflated and appear to have a life of their own. They are really pissed off now…they just want to go home, back from where they came, to be again part of the universe. You’ve given them so much of your power and like a jack in the box eventually they pop up and give you a fright. You think they are real and that they are controlling you as they scream obscenities at you and tell you what a bad parent you are. You don’t want to listen…you pretend they are not there…so they get a bit clever and start to mimic a familiar voice that you will recognise, a parent, the school bully or a scolding teacher, or even the anti-christ! 

The great news is that anything occurring unconsciously in your mind is not real. It’s just movement and stress releasing from your nervous system. When you identify with a thought and try to work out why you had the thought (more thought!), it is like sticking your head up your bottom trying to work out where your fart came from! Obviously if you could actually do this you would get covered in poo. You would feel smelly and dirty and probably quite distressed.

So what is the remedy? Simple…stop doing the equivalent of sticking your head up your bottom. You are not your thoughts…if so you wouldn’t be able to watch them. Let them go…just watch them…without attaching anything, no past or future, to them and they will, like a body fart, disperse into nothingness. You wouldn’t actually do the above with your body farts or your head as that would be insane! So do yourself a huge favour and let your mind farts go. Simply become aware of the space that this mind movement is occuring in. Become aware that you are that which is aware, not that which you are aware of. As you become present, here and now, no thoughts or apparent demons can ever harm you, and you may just find the Peace your mind is searching for is less than a thought away. In this space you can hear your heart speak and if you so choose, you can begin to consciously create a life that you Love living.

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

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