Kali – Ma

The stillness she came
Footsteps of thunder
Skulls clattering
Around her slender neck
Her heart the quickening
Beat of the drum
Sword in hand
Glistening irredescant
Like a Dragonfly’s wings
Her frenzied swing
Decapitates the head’s
Of my beloved’s

Is in my face
The dark moon
Eyes bulging,
Tongue roaring, studded
With one thousand imposters
The outdated faces of
The Now liberated
She is ruthless Compassion
She is endless Peace
She is unconditional Love

The stillness I kneel
It is swift, painless…
I watch in awe as
My head rolls
The silence explodes
Fountains of my blood
Become a river
Of Bliss in which
I happily drown

Places me
Upon her back
We are soaked scarlet
Her skulls become the
Sacred Chalice from which
A sea of children
Drink my blood
As I taste my own
I have never felt
So full
So vibrant
So alive

Ma – Ma – Ma
They chant as we
Dance ecstatically
In celebration of Life
Of Death, of Rebirth
In recognition of
The One that is
Unchanging through it all
That is the All
And the nothing

Is gone and
I AM Still
Resting in Her body
Held steady in her Love
The perfection
That is

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

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