Sacred Flute

In the silence She speaks
Through the beat of your heart
Rippling waves of Love
She eternally guides You

Soft as an Angels kiss
As strong as silk
She wraps every part of your Being
In her robes of Unconditional Love

She whisper as she weaves
The tapestry of your Soul
The BEaUty of your Heart
With Love, Peace and Wisdom

The restless mind is mute to
Her sweet and Sacred song
It is lost to her sweet nectar
That can only be tasted Now

With gaze wide open
Let her play your efulgent melody
As She breathes radiance into your
Heart that is already full of passion

Surrender into her embrace
The void appears empty
In Truth it is a boundless ocean
Of Unconditional Love

Release your grip
Let Grace carry you into the stillness
As you find yourself floating
In Her endless sea of Peace

She is holding you Now
Cradling your Being
For all eternity singing to you
The lullaby of your Soul

Wisdom comes as you tune in
To Her harmoniuos melody
Listening with the
Whole of your BEing

In this silent, still space
You BEcome the Sacred Flute
Through which She effortlessly plays
The prayer of your BEaUtiful heart

© The Bendy Witch


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