The Beloved

Find me in the silence
Where the world is at Peace
In her ocean of Love
Where you can release
All the pain of your past
All your worry and fear
In Her ALL they are gone
They are no longer here

Rest and relax
In Her tender embrace
She is holding you now
In the river of Grace
As you flow with Her current
She guides you safely home
To meet the Beloved
Now you’re never alone

As you gaze in Her waters
So vast and so clear
Your original face
Begins to appear
As She reflects
To you your own BEaUty
You know without doubt
It’s your birthright and duty
To see the world and all beings
Through Her benevolent eyes
Where Love, Peace and Wisdom
Can only arise

As you empty your cup
ALL is revealed
In Her Divine presence
You are already healed
You are already whole
There is nothing to do
Except rest in Her Grace
And to BE the real You

© The Bendy Witch

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