Can you sit with me in the Silence With no need for empty words. Can you speak to me Through your eyes With your Heart From your Soul. Will you BE For me So We Can Share OurSelves Beyond all the Bullshit, the conditioning And perceived pain of the past. Will you find the Courage… Continue reading Innocence


The Beloved

Find me in the silence Where the world is at Peace In her ocean of Love Where you can release All the pain of your past All your worry and fear In Her ALL they are gone They are no longer here Rest and relax In Her tender embrace She is holding you now In… Continue reading The Beloved

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I See You

I see You But you don’t want to be seen You don’t want to fight your demons today Only to nestle, quite contently In the belly of ignorance Wishing it will all go away Hoping things will just change I see You Your anguish overwhelms my senses I feel the heaviness of your aching heart… Continue reading I See You