Divine Mother

She whispers through the willows
In all nature She sings
On the soft and gentle current
Of butterflies wings
She caresses the mountains
And flows in the streams
As Her Sacred song
Awakens life in all things
She drifts in the clouds
Yet holds every stone
With Her tender presence
You are never alone
In the song of the blackbird
And blossoms sweet scent
In the gnarly old trees
All twisted and bent
In the depths of the ocean
And the frothy, rolling waves
In the woods and the valleys
And the deep black, dark caves
In the vastness of space
In the moon full and bright
Her sweet sacred nectar
Reveals our true light
Her breath gives us life
Our heart carries her will
A gentle reminder
To watch and be still
To witness the BEaUty
Of our life unfolding
To know in our hearts
That She is always holding
Us and the world
In Her Divine Perfection
As our inner storm calms
We see her reflection
Then we fully experience
That there is truly no “other”
Only Praise and Gratitude
For our Divine Mother

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

5 thoughts on “Divine Mother”

    1. Thank you so much…I am currently on an Ascension meditation course in Spain so there is lots of transcending going on here! I’m pleased to hear it’s filtering through the Poetry😉x

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