What Stops You From Reaching Out?

Today I’ve been unpacking and I came across my little Success Intelligence flip calendar! It reminds me that Now, I always have a choice! Today I feel inspired to share its Wisdom…

“Whenever you feel blocked, exhausted or at a dead end, it is a sign that you are being too independent.” Robert Holden

If this is you, what’s stopping you from asking for support today? What stops you from reaching out? What beliefs and habits are draining your energy and killing your Joy?

Remember…You wrote your beliefs.

“No” I hear you cry! “My parents, brother, sister, teacher, uncle or friend wrote them for me!”

I apologise if that previous statement stabbed you in the Heart. And yes you may have a valid point. But you most certainly chose to buy into those, many of them unconscious beliefs and you are allowing them to define who you are now.

I know, I know…As a child you may not have been aware that you could choose a different story or even write your own but as an adult you most certainly can. It just takes a little awareness and lots of practice, only of course if you want to. Rewriting your story can sometimes appear to be a bitter pill but I assure you, from experience, it’s worth the initial discomfort. You have to believe again in your right to choose. Now that’s a healthy belief.

You can choose Now, you can choose Innocence again, you can choose anytime you like, as many times as you need, 1000 times a day if necessary.

Beliefs are not a one choice deal. We are not tied into our beliefs for Eternity. This Eternal invitation to choose is the gift of Divine Grace. This is the purpose of our free Will, to choose what supports us and supports those around us. To help each other, support each other, remind each other when we forget that our true essence is actually made of Love…Not ego.

In every moment there is a chance to be Innocent once again, no matter what we did, what we said, no matter what anyone else did or said. We can learn from our apparent mistakes, which are never really mistakes but invitations to evolve! We can learn to transform our own judgements of others mistakes into the fire that inspires our own choices and our own Integrity. Only we can choose for ourSelves.

As much as we would like to change and choose for others, sadly the laws of this Universe don’t function that way.

Stop believing in lies and start believing in the Self from which your SOUL emerges, your Source Of Unconditional Love. SOUL is your inner cOMpass, your Energy, your Passion. SOUL is the true driver of the body, your vehicle in this life. SOUL is the song inside you that wants to be sung, the music that wants to be played, the poem that wants to be written.

You don’t need to feed your SOUL. In fact if you are trying to feed it, that’s a sure sign of a belief that you are lacking in some way and you are trying to create from the outside in instead of the inside out.

Let your SOUL create You. Let your SOUL fill you up (not the other way around!) then go share your SOUL with whoever shows up in front of you. This is an act of Love. This is Creative Co-operation .

You know deep down in your Heart who you are. You know what turns you on, what fires your Spirit, what energises you. If you really think you don’t know, look out for the things and people that make you smile spontaneously! Then go do more of that or spend more time with them.

Isn’t it about time to stop hiding and time to start living? Being You is easy…It’s actually the most natural thing in the world. If the only thing stopping you from being authentically you is a belief that you are weak if you reach out, you are weak if you ask for help (especially if you love helping everyone else and don’t see them as weak for accepting it!)…Bloody change it!

Stop being dysfunctionally independent and open your Heart. Be open to some support, some Creative Co-operation and most importantly Be You!

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