The Benefits of Blessing as a Daily Practice…

I Bless this day in its BEaUty, in all the Love that it holds, in its ease and flow. I Bless this day in its renewed friendships, easy communication, new potential, and reliable business partnerships.

I Bless this day in its honesty and authenticity and I Bless mySelf in eyes that see beyond the exterior, confidence to trust my intuition and an open Heart that is willing to give and receive as the moment dictates.

I Bless You in all the help and support you need this day and everyday and in your humility to receive it. I Bless You in the most Blessed life you can dare imagine and all the Love you are willing to receive.

Blessed Be.

Blessings are my favourite practice. You don’t have to believe in what you are saying to start but over time Blessings dissolve the resistance around your Heart that blocks you from being truly authentic. Blessings can turn around judgements in a second and help you let go of projections and illusions with ease and at lightening speed.

Energetically, when you Bless others, they create a sliding door for others to step into a new and brighter reality. Don’t get attached to outcomes though. Blessings are always unconditional. They are about wanting the best for others in the sense of them having their own Hearts desires fulfilled, not the desires you have for them.

When someone pisses you off today, acknowledge your reaction, then respond with a Blessing in your mind and get on with your day. We all to easily focus on what’s wrong with the world and people instead of envisioning the world we want to experience. We, collectively, are creating this world. We have the power within us to create a Beautiful world, but it all start where you are and the only place you really have any influence, which is your own perception and integrity.

Blessings are going to be a major part of my new business model and one of the main practices I will be teaching to anchor more fully in the Present moment. When we are fully Present to this moment we truly become a Blessing to this world. This is how we show up authentically.

People often get confused about what showing up really is and start to defend aspects of their conditioned and learned behaviours as if that is themselves. You are not these things so whenever you catch yourself defending there’s an opportunity to move beyond it. Blessings can help you do this. You are so much more. Are you willing to explore what you are capable of beyond your ideas of yourself? I assure you, with a little courage and an open Heart you will astound yourself!

We can bitch about the world or we can Bless it. From my experience the latter is far more effective but don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourSelf.

P.S. Sometimes you need to have a good bitch first and that’s ok. Get if off your chest and then fill that space with Blessings. Nature abhors a vacuum and will fill it with whatever you focus on. Where is your attention Now? What energy are you creating as a result?

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