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Integrity Leads to Unity

Tarot In Rhyme and A Deeper Exploration – Week Beginning 26/09/22 and Beyond

Desire for Unity
Balance of polarity
Purity of connection
Leads to equanimity
Now there's a choice
To live as your Divinity
Two becomes more
If you allow vulnerability

Magician upturned
Abuses raw power
To suit his own needs
Vision turned sour
The path to connection
Is blocked by deception
Beware of feigning affection
Demand clear communication

Painful revelations
May feel like a trap
There's treasure in Truth
Though it may feel like crap
Be discerning and decisive
Separate from all lies
Embrace time alone 
Join with Self that is wise

A Deeper Exploration

Universal Mind : 6 The Lovers

People of the world are crying out for Unity, which is the expression of what The Lovers card represents. It covers the whole spectrum of union from romantic love to our own connection with Source. We yearn for connectedness, whether it be to merge with the Divine within us, merge with another as Soulmates or merge with a community of like minded Souls to create a “New Earth”. The Lovers presents us with a choice. Will we surrender all that we are in order to become more? Will we risk being vulnerable to the growth and inevitable change that being in relationship brings? This is a growth that can occur when all parties involved are relating with open Hearts for the good of all concerned.

The Trap : 1 Magician Reversed

The Magician reversed reminds us of what happens when we enter into any relationship without being open in it or open to being changed by it. He’s present in the man that clings to unhealthy ways, whose habits engender abuse and destroy trust, in a lack of willingness to change. He’s present in the woman that writes an unverbalised script for her partner and gets disappointed when he doesn’t fulfil his “role”. He’s control, the harnessing of power by taking it from another because he’s disconnected from his own Source. As one becomes more the other becomes less. He’s the leader manipulating the masses whether aggressively or passively, creating confusion, distraction, smoke and mirrors, conflict that divides The Lovers and pits family members against each other so he can do what he likes with little resistance.

The Treasure : Queen of Swords Reversed

When we are faced with a Magician reversed, when we finally see through all the smoke and mirrors, when we realise that actions don’t align with words, it’s inevitable that we will get disheartened. The Queen of Swords reversed can reveal to us deceit, she’ll smash our rose coloured glasses so we can clearly see that out union (whether with a person, community or belief) is an illusion. She’ll ask us to use her sword to discern, speak up, call out, cut ties. This does not sound much like treasure but her gift is the innate intelligence that allows us to choose separation from that which is false so that we may again hear clearly the Wisdom of our own Heart. In our aloneness we find ourSelves back as the yearning Lover with a choice. Stay in separation and risk bitterness or take the journey inwards to unite with ourSelves. As we claim our own power from within and learn to yield it with Love and Wisdom, our honesty and integrity leads us to a place where we can truly unite with another Lover or Community to create a better world.

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The Druid Craft Tarot by Phillip & Stephanie Carr Gomm

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